First BIT Footprint Over 250,000 projects
Worldwide...And Still Growing
UAE Russia Canada Ukraine Switzerland Vietnam Netherlands Kazakhstan Hong Kong Czech Republic Afganistan Pakistan Saudi Arabia Egypt Nigeria Guinea Ethiopia Zimbabwe Guyana

Shaji Auto Paints Trading LLC

First Bit helps UAE paint & coatings industry leader reduce outstanding accounts receivable by 10% and improve accounting efficiency

Italian Dairy Products FZC

First Bit helps a leading cheese factory in Sharjah to reduce 60% financial and management accounting manual workload along with streaml...

Suma Gourmet General Trading LLC

Two times faster picking, shipment and a multifold increase of planning efficiency with FirstBIT solution.

Aster Aviation Services

Aster Aviation Services Submits Tax Return Under the New UAE Law with FirstBIT Accounting

QKS Technical Services L.L.C.

A 40% reduction in financial and management accounting workload along with efficient and streamlined project costing automation


Casanova operation has become more efficient and streamlined by FirstBIT ERP along with improved customer service

AJ Auto Spare Parts

Two times faster order fulfillment and real-time inventory control with FirstBIT ERP

Athar Business Machines FZE

Lead to quotation and invoicing to payment time dropped down from 4–5 to 1–2 days with FirstBIT ERP

Abu Khalifa General Contracting L.L.C

More efficient VAT recording with FirstBIT Accounting’s systematic VAT Return process

Casa De La Belleza Trading LLC

FirstBIT ERP helped increase profit due to reliable control over supplied goods and deferred payments

Continental Line Shipping and Freight LLC

The time for generating job card and invoice for a client was reduced by 3–4 times with FirstBIT ERP

Senat MEA Management Consultancy

Senat MEA Management Consultancy automates accounting of its customers in the UAE using FirstBIT ERP.


First BIT have automated  work of 3150 employees and  increased sales data processing in 14 times

Amarak Trading

Implementing FirstBIT ERP significantly increased customer satisfaction and asset turnover of wholesale business Amarak Trading LLC


Accounting automation for wholesale cosmetics distributor by FirstBIT ERP

Gamma Tech FZE

FirstBIT ERP helped the accuracy of accounting and the management itself in Gamma Tech


Product shipment speed has increased by 50% with FirstBIT ERP


FirstBIT ERP allows Astro to support the movement of raw materials, inventory, and finished goods from a given point of origin to the point...

Said Jisam KK фото

Said Jisam KK

With the FirstBIT ERP, we can conduct thorough financial analysis of current and potential projects and plan our business more effectively....