HR and Payroll Software in Dubai, UAE - FirstBit ERP Solutions


HR And Payroll Software Solution In Dubai

HR and Payroll Software in Dubai, UAE - FirstBit ERP Solutions

Automate all your HR and payroll processes in compliance with the UAE Labor Law.

Compliance with UAE Labor Law

Payroll, timesheets, vacations, and sick leaves

End-of-service payments and payroll reserves

Issued loans and interest

HR documents and employee records

Working time and work schedules

Ensure accurate and quick wage and salary payments Comprehensively track all personnel movements and availability

HR and Payroll Software Features


  • Employment
  • Flexible calculation of accruals and deductions
  • Termination
  • Vacations
  • Sick leaves
  • Loans to employees
  • Payroll reserves
  • End-of-service provisions
  • Shift schedules
  • Personnel records
  • A single source of HR data of employees
  • Timesheets
  • Personnel record expiry
  • Time and Labor Management
  • HR Management for organization’s core processes
  • Employee accruals and deductions
  • Vacation balances
  • Balances of end-of-service provisions
  • Daily working time
  • Employee settlement reporting
  • Organizational planning
  • Personnel expense planning
  • WPS salary files
  • Data security you can trust

HR and Payroll Software

End-to-end HR and Payroll Automation in compliance with the UAE Labor Law.

Irrespective of your industry, construction, trading, manufacturing, or warehouse, the FirstBit ERP payroll accounting software can help you streamline your HR and payroll processes.

Built for both small businesses and enterprises according to IFRS standards, the FirstBit HR software comes with such features as flexible payroll calculation, vacation and sick leaves, employee loans, timesheets, expense planning, and WPS salary files. In addition, it is integrated with FirstBit ERP Accounting and Finance module to manage business finances better.

Enhance Your HR and Payroll Processes With FirstBit ERP HR Software in the UAE

  • HR documents and employee records
  • Compliance with UAE Labor Law
  • End-of-service payments and payroll reserves
  • Employee timesheets, schedules, and attendance
  • Payroll calculations, vacations, absence, and sick leaves
  • Personnel expenses and reimbursements

Key Features of the FirstBit HR Software in UAE

HR and Payroll Records

  • Employment: Keep track of all the employment records, labor contract details, personal documents, salary, designation, and role of the employee.
  • Accruals and Deductions: Stay atop the accruals and deductions of every employee in real-time using the cloud version of FirstBit ERP. You can even optimize the calculation as required.
  • Termination: Manage employee terminations and even track the balances to be paid in the final settlement and company assets the employee needs to return.
  • Sick Leaves and Vacation: Track how many days an employee was on vacation and sick leaves. Make deductions for unpaid leaves or transfer unused leaves to the next year.
  • Employee Loans: Monitor the loans given to employees, their status, interest paid, and pending amount in one place.
  • Payroll Reserves: Set aside a specific amount of funds for employee payrolls and taxes to prevent disruptions in salary payments.
  • End-of-Service Provisions: Ensure seamless management of the end-of-service provisions, including gratuity, per UAE’s labor laws.
  • Shift Schedules: Streamline your workforce by managing shift schedules and ensuring optimal usage of human resources.
  • Personnel Records: Keep employee records, including their names, contact information, documents, and compensation packages, in one place.

Employee Management

  • Timesheets: Whether your employees work from the office or online, you can track their attendance and create timesheets.
  • Personnel Record Expiry: Store employee personnel records, employment applications, employee contracts, and two-year compensation (standard in Dubai).
  • Time and Labor Management: Create work schedules, track employee hours, and manage absences automatically. FirstBit ERP supports integration with UAE’s leading biometric attendance devices.
  • Core HR Processes: Define your organization’s unique HR management processes and monitor them using the FirstBit ERP system effortlessly.

HR Operations

  • Organizational Planning: Achieve optimum use of your business’s most valuable asset: employees. Also, avoid workforce shortages or surpluses with FirstBit ERP HR planning features.
  • Personnel Expense Planning: Ensure your employees stay within the allocated budget for travel and other related expenses to minimize the burden on the company.
  • WPS Salary Files: Leverage the Wages Protection System to transfer salaries electronically per the UAE’s labor laws.

Deployment Options

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Can FirstBit ERP software be integrated with biometric time attendance devices/software?
FirstBit ERP software can be integrated with biometric time attendance devices and software to pull employee attendance data directly to timesheets.
Can you calculate Sales commission in FirstBit ERP HR & Payroll module?
In FirstBit ERP all data is in a single system, Sales Plans, Orders, Invoices, Collections, and Credit notes - all are connected to Accounting and HR module, you can create different commission schemes for your salespeople and the software will calculate the amount automatically. based on the actual data.
Does FirstBit ERP HR module has ESS?
In FirstBit ERP software there is ESS feature, called "My Screen" from which employees can request leave and report an absence, submit expense reports for reimbursement, and apply for Pay Slips, NOCs, and other documents.
Can you calculate End of Service and Gratuity?
In FirstBit ERP software Gratuity and End of service are calculated automatically as per UAE Labor Law.

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