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Inventory Management Software

Manage and control all your stored goods and materials

Real-time data on stock quantity and cost

Cost of issued inventory (FIFO/averaged)

Bin location management

Stocktaking using data collection terminals

Reservations for sale orders

Increase warehouse efficiency through real-time tracking, management and analysis of inventories and goods receipt/transfer/issue

Inventory Software Features


  • Multi-warehousing
  • Bin location management
  • Internal transfers between locations, replenishment
  • Inventory reservation management
  • Stock receipt/issue
  • Stock accounting at bin locations (receipt/transfer/issue)
  • Consignment stock processing
  • Assembling and disassembling
  • Stock count management
  • Minimum/maximum stock levels
  • Expiry date management software
  • Batch management
  • Negative stock management
  • Real-time stock quantity
  • Stock valuation
  • Availability reporting
  • Warehouse operation planning based on inbound and outbound delivery schedules
  • Label printing
  • Barcode management
  • SKU inventory management
  • Automated data collection (ADC) using handheld devices

Inventory and Warehouse Management Software

Enhance your warehouse efficiency with an all-inclusive inventory management software

Designed for small and large businesses in the construction, trading, distribution, and manufacturing industries, the FirstBit ERP inventory management software is packed with advanced features. Available both as SAAS on-premise and cloud, FirstBit allows you to choose the deployment method exactly how you want.

Since the FirstBit ERP warehouse management software is created per the IFRS standards and has a Dubai-based support team, you can rest assured about meeting local laws and regulations.

One Solution for All Your Inventory Management Needs

  • Real-time data on stock quantity and cost
  • Cost of issued inventory (FIFO/averaged)
  • Multi-warehouse management
  • Consignment stock processing
  • Reservations for sales orders

Key Features of FirstBit ERP Inventory Management Software

Warehouse Records

  • Multi-Warehouse Management: Manage multiple warehouses across UAE with zero confusion. FirstBit warehouse management software allows you to track inventory, place orders, and manage invoices across warehouses.
  • Bin Location Management: Never lose track of even the smallest products in bin locations in your warehouse. Using our tracker feature, you can even find items using the SKU, barcode, serial number, or part number quickly.
  • Internal Transfers Management: Eliminate the need to update stock levels after every inter-warehouse transfer manually.
  • Inventory Reservation Management: Reserve stock in your warehouse as you receive orders to ensure you always deliver on your promise.
  • Stock Receipt: Paperless receipts for every product from your warehouse. It doesn’t require any unique device or equipment and can be accessed via a mobile browser (cloud version).
  • Stock Accounting at Bin Locations: Stay up to date with your stock levels at bin locations. Place orders automatically when the stock is low.
  • Consignment Stock Processing: Create a consignment issue order as and when the product is used based on actual quantities.
  • Assembling and Disassembling: Assemble or disassemble product bundles to increase your average order value and update the details on the FirstBit system.

Warehouse Management

  • Stock Count Management: Keep track of all the inventory that your warehouse currently has. Place orders accordingly to prevent overstocking.
  • Minimum/Maximum Stock Levels: Eliminate overstocking or out-of-stock problems by defining every item's minimum and maximum values and getting automatic alerts.
  • Expiry Date Management: Manage and sell products that come with an expiration date first to mitigate wastage and increase your profit margins.
  • Batch Management: Be it auto spare parts, steel items, or heavy-duty machinery, FirstBit lets you manage your stock in batch and even process order batches seamlessly.
  • Negative Stock Management: Enhance the accuracy of the cost of goods sold by avoiding the issue of negative inventory by analyzing the order and shipping dates.
  • Serial Numbers Management: Track the complete history of each serial number. Supplier details, Customs information, Sales, Exchange, and Return transactions.

Inventory Analysis

  • Real-time Stock Quantity: Stay up-to-date with the real-time stock levels irrespective of where you are. Access the software in Cloud via a web browser and check stock levels anytime.
  • Stock Valuation: Determine the value of your inventory at any time. This will give you a fair idea of your investments and revenue (after the items are sold).
  • Availability Reporting: Create and check reports of a product’s stock stored in different warehouses and redirect the orders to the warehouse where products are available.
  • Fast/slow-moving Inventory analysis: Helps your business to stay on top of demand by supplying required SKUs on time to the right locations.
  • Stock Aging: Helps you to keep track of inventory aging and get rid of dead stock on time.

Warehouse Operation Planning

  • Delivery Schedules: Whether the products are going in a truck or van, with FirstBit, you can optimize the inbound and outbound delivery schedules using available resources.
  • Label Printing: If you need labels for your inventory, sets, bundles, or inbound or outbound deliveries, you can connect FirstBit software with your label printer.
  • Barcode Management: FirstBit ERP can generate 1D and QR codes for your inventory items. Track products coming in and going out of your warehouse using barcode scanners and PDA devices.
  • Automated Data Collection: Use handheld devices to scan barcodes and labels to capture stock data across your warehouse automatically.

Deployment Options

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Can we track Serial numbers, Expiry dates in FirstBit ERP?
Yes, you can enable SN, and Expiry dates accounting in Item settings for a particular SKU.
Can we print labels with bacrodes and use scanners with FirstBit ERP?
Yes, the software can print labels using your custom label template through a label printer. Also you can connect barcode scanners, PDA devices and use them for all Inventory related transactions in the software.
Can we define and track minimum inventory levels for Items?
Yes, in FirstBit ERP you can setup a minimum stock balance for Items and track it using Reports or by receiving Notifications from the software.
Can you Reserve Inventory for a specific Customer Order in FirstBit software?
Yes. In FirstBit ERP you can reserve inventory manually under specific Customer orders, or it can automatically be reserved by the software once it will be received in a warehouse from the Supplier.
Can we manage Bin locations in a warehouse in FirstBit ERP system?
Yes, you can enable Bin locations for a specific warehouse in FirstBit ERP software, this function will also support warehouse Areas.

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