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Construction ERP Software: Definition and Benefits
Contracting ERP 5 August 2022
If you're in the construction business, you know that keeping track of multiple business functions can be difficult. You must ensure your workers are on time, have the correct tools and equipment, and that raw materials arrive at the right time, ...
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ERP Software for Contracting Companies and Avoiding Implementation Failure
Contracting ERP 2 August 2022

ERPs or Enterprise resource planning solutions have a range of applications in the contracting industry. The use of ERP for contracting companies helps boost profitability and efficiency while making it easier to calculate costs, keep track of...

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First Bit Middle East has successfully completed the Training today for GCC SERVICES
Events & News 1 August 2022
We had a great experience with a group of very talented people who are eager to improve the way they plan by implementing our FirstBit Contracting ERP System. ...
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ERP vs WMS: Definitions, Differences, Pros & Cons
Over the last two decades, there has been a significant rise in the demand for advanced business solutions that empower, organize, and optimize business operations. However, when it comes to selecting the best one among hundreds, it is necessary that...
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Advantages of Working with ERP Systems for Construction Companies
Contracting ERP 27 July 2022
Industrial automation is changing the way we live. There is hardly any industry left that is unaffected by the impact of technological advancement. The most important proof is the rapid adoption of ERP software by businesses.
Every construction ...
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ERP vs CRM Systems: Which is Better and Why?
Modern businesses require versatile solutions that help them better understand their customers, provide improved visibility into their operations, keep their workforce motivated, and give them a competitive advantage....
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