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CRM Software in Dubai

Manage the entire sales cycle from lead generation and opportunity identification to invoicing and relationship nurturing.

Accounting of all prospects and existing B2B customer's preferences

Central CRM database to keep of all enquiries, calls and counterparties, including contact fulfillment history

Tracing orders, quotes and payments(full control over the deal throughout the sales funnel)

Automation of your manager's labor. Scheduled events and assignments, including trigger notifications

Confidentiality and security of sensitive and customer data in a secure, cloud-based CRM platform

Online access from anywhere in the world using a mobile CRM app

Improve conversion.
Boost sales.
Increase loyalty.

CRM Software Features


  • Customer and contact database management
  • Contact history (emails, calls, meetings, commitments, etc.)
  • Customer contract accounting and storage
  • Automated lead collection (emails, website forms, public channels)
  • Integration with product catalogs
  • Invoicing
  • Lead and deal management software
  • Comprehensive sales cycle management
  • Account management quality assurance
  • Sales funnel and reporting
  • Forecasting and Insights
  • Customer base analysis
  • Interactive Dashboard
  • Contact scheduling (calls, emails, meetings, negotiations, etc.)
  • Top marketing tools with marketing CRM software
  • Email marketing
  • Integrated telephony & call recording
  • Mobile CRM
  • Desktop and mobile interface
  • CRM change history

FirstBit ERP CRM Software

Build personal connections with customers and anticipate their needs proactively with the FirstBit ERP CRM Software in Dubai.

Designed especially for retail, construction, manufacturing, and distribution industries in the UAE, the FirstBit ERP CRM software helps you manage the entire customer journey. With customers’ information and contact history at your fingertips (via the FirstBit mobile app), you can offer better and more personalized service to every customer.

With experts in Dubai, the FirstBit CRM and invoicing software offer proactive support to small businesses and enterprises. We also created it per the UAE guidelines and regulations, making it effortless for companies in every industry to comply with local laws and regulations. Available both online (like cloud CRM software) and on-premise (desktop), the FirstBit ERP CRM system software gives you complete flexibility over the deployment method.

What makes the FirstBit ERP CRM Software better than its peers?

  • Has a central database to track the entire customer journey and contact history
  • Gives you complete control over each deal throughout the sales funnel
  • Allows you to automate the lead collection (via website, emails, etc.) and contact scheduling
  • Ensures confidentiality and security of sensitive customer information
  • Lets you access the software solution from anywhere using the mobile app

Features of the FirstBit Customer Relationship Management Software

Customer Records

  • Contact management: Maintain a unified database of your leads’ and customers’ contact information, including their names, email addresses, and phone numbers.
  • Contact history: Track your customer interactions across channels (emails, calls, meetings, etc.) in one place. Use it to personalize subsequent communications and enhance customer service.
  • Contract accounting: Execute multiple contracts simultaneously and manage all associated costs to ensure accurate calculation with the FirstBit CRM in Dubai and accounting software.
  • Automated lead collection: Automatically capture customer information from website forms and emails, and miss no lead.
  • Integration with product catalogs: Track your dynamic product and service catalog via CRM in Dubai. Add products to a deal to auto-calculate the total value and eliminate manual errors.
  • Invoicing: Create and store VAT invoices in one click and stay compliant with UAE laws and regulations.

Customer Management

  • Lead and deal management: Track and store key information of each lead and deal, including mutually agreed contracts.
  • Sales cycle management: Visualize your sales processes and customize the pipeline with relevant sales stages for B2B and B2C customers with CRM software.
  • Account management: Strengthen relationships with current and potential customers by analyzing their data and forecasting behavior.

Deal Analysis & Planning

  • Sales funnel and reporting: Track and determine your conversion rates between pipeline stages to optimize your sales processes. You can even create custom reports to track the KPIs that matter the most with our CRM software.
  • Customer base analysis: Predict a customer’s future purchase patterns to upsell or cross-sell at the right time and increase your customer lifetime value (CLV).
  • Contact schedule: Never miss a follow-up by scheduling the next meeting over the phone, email, or even a face-to-face meeting.

Other Key Features

  • Email marketing: Trigger automated emails based on customers’ status in the FirstBit ERP system. For example, send a welcome email when someone creates a Customer in the Database.
  • Integrated calendars: Connect planned CRM activities to MS Outlook and Google Calendars to get reminders on the go.
  • Mobile CRM software: Use our mobile app to track your leads and deals across all sales funnel stages and miss nothing important with CRM sales software.
  • CRM change history: Track the changes in the CRM management software (e.g., a deal moving from one stage to another) and tie it to a person in your organization for better recognition.

Deployment Options

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Can we setup anutomatic e-mailing to our Customers in FirstBit ERP software?
You can configure triggers for automatic e-mails to your Customers from FirstBit ERP, like Invoice due date reminders, delivery status updates,  holidays, birthdays congratulations, etc.
Can you integrate FirstBit ERP with calendars?
In FirstBit ERP software there is a built-in calendar, which can be synced with MS Outlook and Google calendar of your employees.
Can you integrate FirstBit ERP with e-mails?
FirstBit ERP system can be integrated with your corporate e-mail accounts to be able to send messages from the software directly.

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