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FirstBIT ERP Implementation

FirstBIT ERP Implementation

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FirstBit ERP is the perfect solution to automate businesses of all scales. You may implement an ERP system either on your own premises or in the cloud.

Do you want the ease of a SaaS platform or the privacy of a box product? We provide both! Flexible cloud subscription plans and fully customizable on-premises deployment scenarios will suit the needs of companies of any size and nature.

Can't decide right now? Don't worry — you can switch from the cloud to your own private infrastructure at any time without losing any data or functionality!

cloud vs onpremise erp comparison

Each option has its pros.

The table below will help you to choose between the cloud and on-premises deployment models.

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SaaS On-premises

Works best if you

Are a small business (1–10 users)

Have simple business processes

Have no full-time IT staff and don't want to spend on IT infrastructure

Are a medium or large business

Have complex business processes with many automation-related intricacies

Have your own infrastructure and IT staff

Have company policies prohibiting the use of cloud solutions

Pricing & Licensing

Flexible subscription options

FirstBit ERP Cloud is a subscription-based SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) solution

Flexible subscription options

End users get full ownership over FirstBit ERP licenses

Installation & Deployment

Quick Start FirstBit provides all the documents and trainings you will need

Accounting-related consulting with no customizations

The solution is infrastructure-ready. You database is quickly created from a template

Your ERP solution is available via web. Data security is ensured by FirstBit

All-round Automation FirstBit covers the full project cycle, from preliminary design to customization to support and maintenance, optimizing the ERP deployment process to your specific needs

Accounting-related consulting with customizations on request

FirstBit prepares all the servers and infrastructure. (Alternatively, you can do it yourself.)

Access outside your office/corporate network requires configuring the network equipment and secure data transmission

Support & Maintenance

The subscription already includes support and maintenance

Your solution is automatically upgraded to the latest version

We maintain and support the IT infrastructure

Free warranty support for one (1) year.

Flexible support plans to choose from afterwards, based on your business demands. Renewing the support is totally optional

Updates are provided as part of the support offering or as a one-time service

We may maintain and support the IT infrastructure on request

Customizability & Scalability

Limited customization (printed forms and reports only)

Source code is not available

Predefined access rights and permissions

The solution is completely customizable, from adapting the default objects to designing your own modules

Source code is at your full disposal

You can configure your own flexible rights and permissions


Automatic daily back-ups

To be done by you


SSL encryption by default

We guarantee your ERP solution is secure at all times through continuous upgrades, backups, and connectivity control

You can configure encryption on your own server

FirstBit is responsible for system security if you are subscribed to a support plan. Otherwise, your own IT team takes care of keeping your ERP data secure

Choose ERP deployment option according to your business needs


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