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Become a Partner

Become a Partner

Our mission is to open up a new perspective on company management and create opportunities for successful growth.

As a leading business automation provider, we work with global and local technology companies, systems integrators, and consultants. That's why we have a well-aligned partner ecosystem to provide customers with the full set of skills and expertise required for various business sectors. As a partner, we've earned our reputation in numerous projects of all sizes and complexities.
If you are a systems integrator providing services with a value, and if First BIT's mission statement resonates with you, join our partner ecosystem, and let's grow together!
Don't wait to create new sources of revenue and expand your sales — submit your information today to get started.
Become a partner
First BIT welcomes accountants, systems integrators, and anyone interested in reselling our product to join our ecosystem as an Authorized Partner, Silver Partner, or Gold Partner.

Authorized Partner
Authorized Partner
Silver Partner
Silver Partner
Gold Partner
Gold Partner
Training and Support
Product Training: Authorized Partners receive comprehensive training on First Bit software's features, functionality, and benefits. This includes detailed instructions on how to configure and use the software effectively. Training may be conducted through online courses, webinars, or in-person sessions.

Sales Training: Authorized Partners are trained on how to effectively market and sell First Bit software to potential customers.

Technical Support: Authorized Partners will have access to a dedicated technical support team who can assist them with any product-related questions or issues of their customers. This support is provided via email.

Regular Updates and Training: As First Bit software evolves, Authorized Partners are provided with regular updates and training sessions to stay up-to-date with new features, enhancements of the software.
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What our Partners say about us

Please see a selection of quotes from our Partners below.

VAT Guide

First BIT Accounting helps our team stay focused on our business objectives and our customers’ needs, by being seamlessly integrated into our everyday work. The responsive team and easy to use software just make it simple to work with First BIT Accounting

Anna Golovatska, Senior Consultant
Souvenir Management Consultant

When I think of First BIT, I think of 3 things: easy to use, local support and strong feature to comply with the UAE VAT law

Hyder Ali, Senior Consultant