Firstbit ERP On-premises Deployment
On-premises Deployment

On-premises Deployment

Comprehensive end-to-end automation services.

First BIT specializes in all-round automation of all kinds of business processes for enterprises of any size!

We deliver prompt and professional implementation of our FirstBIT ERP solution and its further support.

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Modeling and Design

Phase 1-2

Preliminary Design and Modeling

  • Details
  • Objective
  • Deliverables/ Outcomes
  • Identify the automation objectives
  • Analyze business requirements and existing management systems and business processes
  • Model the client's business to identify necessary customizations on top of the basic functionality
  • Propose the project schedule and revise the budget
  • Explore the existing business process landscape
  • Identify the necessary customizations on top of the basic functionality
  • Adjust the budget and delivery timeline
  • Demonstrate how the processes will be represented in the solution to the client
  • Project schedule
  • Solution model


  • Details
  • Objective
  • Deliverables/ Outcomes
  • Implemented if basic functions must be customized or new ones developed
  • Technical specification of the necessary customizations, as identified at the Modeling stage
  • Identify and coordinate detailed system customization requirements (write and compile technical instructions)
  • Technical Specification


Phase 3-5

Development and Customization

  • Details
  • Objective
  • Deliverables/ Outcomes
  • Implemented if necessary, as identified at the Modeling stage
  • Develop the solution according to the Technical Specification created at the Design stage
  • Eliminate any critical gaps between the basic functionality and the client's business processes
  • Create a system that supports all of the client's business operations
  • Testing protocols

Installation and Configuration

  • Details
  • Objective
  • Deliverables/ Outcomes
  • Install the system on the server and client workstations
  • Configure user rights
  • Migrate data or enter opening balances (if necessary)
  • Set up the system and its modules to match the client's specific business processes
  • Prepare the client's infrastructure for commissioning
  • Get the system ready for commercial operation (configure system settings, user preferences and permissions)
  • User (group) training schedule

User Training and Commissioning

  • Details
  • Objective
  • Deliverables/ Outcomes
  • Train users to operate the solution
  • Train all users according to their duties
  • Commission the solution
  • Compile user manuals (if requested)
  • Define the Service Level Agreement (SLA) and support plan
  • Training protocols
  • Client's feedback
  • Acceptance certificate (project sign-off and completion)

Support and Maintenance

Phase 6

Solution Maintenance and Development

  • Details
  • Objective
  • Advise users on technical or operating issues
  • Develop the solution and automate additional business lines
  • Create the conditions necessary to operate the system
  • Ensure correct reporting and performance analysis
  • Develop and upgrade the solutions

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