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Casa De La Belleza Trading LLC

FirstBIT ERP helped increase profit due to reliable control over supplied goods and deferred payments

«Our company needed an accounting system to help us keep control of goods movement from purchase to handover to clients and receiving payment for shipping. A distinctive feature of our business is provision of products to clients on account of future payments (on consignment). This scheme of operations requires reliable control over the supplied goods and deferred payments. With FirstBIT ERP software we got a convenient high-quality accounting system, and the additional improvements implemented by First BIT provided us with all the necessary tools while taking into account the specific nature of our business. As a result, not only did we speed up and increase the quality of control over incoming payments, but also increased our income. Customer loyalty also increased owing to the discounts and gifts functionality.
We thank the experts from First BIT for their professional and prompt work, attention to our needs and concerns!”

Muhammad Ali Faraz

Manager Finance at the Casa De La Belleza Trading LLC

Customer Information

Casa De La Belleza Trading LLC started its operations in 2016. It offers its clients wholesale supply of cosmetics and household chemicals. The company provides day spas, hotels and beauty salons with the necessary working materials. It also supplies products to cosmetics shops.

Project Goals and Tasks

The main objective of the automation project was to increase the quality and accuracy of wholesale trade accounting. It was necessary to:

  • ensure efficient accounting and control over deferred payments and the goods handed over to the clients;

  • minimize manual operations and eliminate mistakes related to human factor;

  • establish prompt reporting while taking into account the specific nature of the business;

  • improve purchases planning;

  • create a system of bonuses and discounts to increase customer loyalty.

Project Description

Casa De La Belleza Trading LLC deals with wholesale supply of cosmetics and household chemicals. The company specializes in supplying goods with deferred payments. Previously the company used Excel spreadsheets and paper records to track the products supplied on credit and outstanding balances of their business partners. Such organization of operations caused difficulties in control and delays in payments as well as increased the risk of losing data that could result in money losses. The company encountered difficulties while planning their purchases, as they had to analyze the client's previous purchases to define their future needs.

To increase efficiency of all business processes the company management decided to automate their accounting. They entrusted the project execution to the experts from First BIT in Dubai. Their choice of the integrator was driven by availability of the software product called FirstBIT ERP that suited the company needs perfectly. In addition, they took into account the integrator’s extensive experience in implementing this software in trading companies.

The experts from First BIT installed the software and performed its initial setup. They improved the printed forms while taking into account the company needs.

A special report reflecting the list of all expected payments was created in order to track deferred payments. The report enabled more control over incoming funds, eliminated financial losses and helped increase profit.

Periodic shipping and payments reports broken by business partners (with indication of average purchase size) and a report on the most popular products allowed the company to improve the planning of purchases and volume of goods for every client.

The system allows to promptly calculate the prime cost and set the products price while taking into account the purchase price and other expenditures.

In addition, the experts from First BIT set up a system of gifts and discounts to improve customer loyalty.

The employees of Casa
De La Belleza Trading L.L.C were trained to work with the new software. The
consulting services are provided via the Consulting Line.

Project Outcomes

  • The company increased its profit due to reliable control over supplied goods and deferred payments.

  • Minimizing manual labor eliminated the risk of losing information about the deferred payments and outstanding balances.

  • The labor input and working time of employees were reduced owing to automating all the accounting processes.

  • A reliable system of planning expenditures and purchases was created that accounts for the clients’ future needs for goods.

  • Reporting speed increased several times. Reports generation was simplified considerably. Data accuracy was increased.

  • The system of gifts and discounts helped the company increase customer loyalty.

Athar Business Machines FZE

Lead to quotation and invoicing to payment time dropped down from 4–5 to 1–2 days with FirstBIT ERP

Continental Line Shipping and Freight LLC

The time for generating job card and invoice for a client was reduced by 3–4 times with FirstBIT ERP