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Sales Management Software

Achieve complete automation of sales processes for a variety of scenarios: stock/ordered/consignment/retail sales.

Real-time information on goods, prices and stock availability

Customer transactions itemized by orders and invoices

Customer order tracking and follow-up

Payment schedule and fulfillment control

Management consignment sales

Actual sales and gross profit analysis

Ensure profitable customer transactions through harmonized and centralized sales processes

Sales and Distribution Management Software Features


  • Sales quotations
  • Sales orders
  • Credit memos
  • Customer returns
  • Customer's contract management
  • Consignment sales
  • Delivery notes
  • Payment terms
  • A/R management
  • Order statuses
  • Real-time information on orders and shipments
  • Sales (by items/companies/orders)
  • Mutual settlement report (by currencies/documents/contracts)
  • Report on fast-moving items
  • Gross profit calculation
  • Planning of sales volumes by departments/goods
  • Price lists
  • Customer price management
  • Discount and markup management
  • Label and price tag printing
  • Barcode scanner

Sales Management ERP

Manage, improve, and automate your sales processes to increase revenue

Designed for wholesale, retail, and distribution businesses, FirstBit ERP stock and sales management system software helps you centralize your sales processes and increase revenue. The cloud-based sales management software FirstBit for sales managers offers access to real-time data using a web browser and helps streamline the sales process for higher bottom-line results.

Streamline your sales processes with FirstBit ERP Stock and Sales Management Software

  • Real-time information on goods, prices, stock availability, and shipments
  • Payment terms and A/R management
  • Customer order tracking and follow-ups
  • Discount and markup management
  • Sales plan and forecasting
  • Customer database management
  • Sales reports and gross profit analysis

FirstBit Sales Order Management ERP Features

Sales Records

  • Sales quotations: Create and submit sales quotations to customers to increase the efficiency of your sales processes and shorten the sales cycle.
  • Sales orders: Keep note of all the orders (ongoing and delivered) in one place. Compare historical information to identify trends in orders.
  • Customer returns: Track all the customer returns, decide the refund amount, or adjust the value in new orders effortlessly.
  • Credit Notes: Issue Credit Notes to Customers for returned goods, as a gesture (e.g., to loyal customers), or in other unique situations, reducing the amount they owe you.
  • Customers’ contract management: Create legally binding agreements concerning the sale of goods to avoid legal risks.
  • Consignment sales: Allow your customers to further sell the products by creating a consignment sales agreement.
  • Delivery notes: Create delivery notes to keep track of and notify the buyer of all the goods sent and prevent disputes.
  • Price lists: Keep your product prices (purchase and sell) handy with FirstBit ERP software for sales managers.
  • Customer price management: Offer personalized prices to customers based on your agreements with them.
  • Discount and markup management: Provide discounts to customers while ensuring a high markup to stay profitable.

Sales Management

  • Payment terms: Create agreements detailing how and when customers pay for their orders to avoid financial risks and save time on approvals.
  • A/R management: Keep track of and ensure you receive customer payment within a given period to prevent cash flow disruptions.
  • Order statuses: Get real-time updates of each order and inform customers of the same.
  • Label and price tag printing: Print labels and price tags with the FirstBit system and get complete control over sales prices.
  • Barcode scanning: Scan your products when they come in and leave your warehouse to ensure that the stock is accurate with inventory sales management software.
  • Integrated POS: FirstBit Enterprise Resource Planning System has a built-in POS interface for showrooms and retail outlets.

Sales Analysis

  • Sales details: Get in-depth sales reports by items, organizations, and orders to understand sales trends and optimize your processes.
  • Mutual settlement report: Create a detailed breakdown of payments received and mutually agreed on contracts to ensure everyone is on the same page.
  • Report on fast-moving items: Identify products that sell quickly so you can place orders on time and avoid going out of stock.
  • Gross profit calculation: Calculate your gross profits for each order and optimize your sales processes to increase them.

Sales Planning

  • Sales volume planning: Forecast sales for an upcoming period and create strategies to meet your targets.

Deployment Options

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Can we setup KPIs for our sales team in FirstBit ERP?
There is a number of KPIs you can set up and track in the FirstBit ERP Sales module. Starting from opportunities, quotations, conversions, sales, and collections.
Can FirstBit ERP be integrated with e-commerce websites/ marketplaces?
There are multiple options to integrate FirstBit ERP with the majority of UAE's leading e-commerce website platforms, including custom websites, created in-house. Based on your requirements we can build one or two-way integration with your e-commerce website or marketplace.
Can FirstBit ERP be integrated with POS?
FirstBit ERP has a built-in POS interface and supports all required hardware: barcode printers and scanners,  bill printers, digital scales, card readers, and customer displays. In case you will require to integrate FirstBit ERP with any other POS software - it can be done if the other software has API documentation available.
Does FirstBit ERP have a mobile app?
With FirstBit ERP we provide mobile applications for both Android and iOS devices, which can be used by the sales team in the field to create Visits, Orders, Invoices, and receive payments from clients.

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