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How Brook & Ripples Took Full Control of All Operations in One System

Published 22 May 2023
Brook & Ripples LLC is a business venture under renowned business conglomerate Bin Moosa group. The company is specializes in engineering and construction of swimming pools and water feature projects. a Thay also have a separate service division undertaking annual maintenance contracts for pools and associated facilities.
Abu Dhabi, UAE
Pool construction
201-500 employees

Project Goals and Tasks

Gather all departments in one system
Control the project costing
Controlling employees hr for salary and overtime
Procurement procedure
Analyse the productivity

Project Description

The company turned to FirstBit to automate its business processes and set up an easy and comprehensive system to streamline interaction between departments. Before the software was installed, the company management was running the processes manually.

Why Brook and Ripples Swimming Pool Equipment LLC Chose First Bit

FirstBit ERP is designed specifically for the construction industry. Whereas all other software's not operation specific.

Project Outcomes

Now we have good control over the workforce, the materials, and all these things have been procured and used specifically for the project. And we know that we are not overutilizing the allocated budget for a particular task and task-wise allocation of the resources.
Haroub Ali
Business Development Manager at Brook & Ripples
Management now has full control of operations, including cost control, projects, purchasing, and the entire workflow. The workflow on the operations side has improved and become more efficient.

Current project costs and allocated resources have become transparent and clear - labor, materials, procurement, and costs are under control.
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First Bit Team
Business Development Manager at Brook & Ripples
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