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How FirstBit ERP is Assisting the Toolkit in Business Transformation

Published 28 Feb 2024
The Toolkit Interior Decoration is a capable and dedicated multi-disciplinary management contractor with a primary aim of providing total customer satisfaction. They’re known for their commitment to delivering projects within strict guidelines pertaining to health, safety and environmental standards of the UAE along with the highest quality of services.
11-50 employees
Dubai, UAE
Interior & Fit out
Cloud ERP
5 users
My company has gone through quite a few transformational and dramatic changes. Now we have gotten into new projects and the workflow of these projects is something that we can discover and apply through FirstBit ERP.
Murad Khan
Owner of The Toolkit Interior Decoration

Project Goals

Cater to the accounting requirements including VAT calculation
Manage all the activities of the company consolidated in one specialized software
Ensure a quicker turnaround from the standpoint both of the company and the customer
Basically, I want the most efficient way of working through automation.
Murad Khan
Owner of The Toolkit Interior Decoration


One of the main challenges for the Toolkit was outsourcing the company’s accounting to an accounting firm. That increased the turnaround time significantly and affected all the processes. Moreover, it raised a lot of security and loss of data issues.

With all the information scattered in Excel sheets and other places like project management programs with limited functionality, the Toolkit searched for a more organized way to work.
Data and information and the speed at which that data and information is available is critical, that improves the client experience and the company efficiency as well.
Murad Khan
Owner of The Toolkit Interior Decoration

Process Behind It

Throughout the project the Toolkit has been completely restructured. That is why they are still discovering multiple facets the FirstBit ERP has to offer and how the company can benefit from them on top of the accounting module.

But the important thing the owner of the Toolkit mentions is that now they have a system with a potential to build a strong relationship between two important business entities. One is the supplier (or the service provider, or the contractor) and the other is the client.
The key ingredients of any business is the process, system, and people. If these three ingredients are in sync, then you have a magic formula. Then the relationship between the supplier and the client is basically the perfect one.
Murad Khan
Owner of The Toolkit Interior Decoration
In this context, the FirstBit system appears to be one of the drivers for positive changes within the company. At the moment the Toolkit is expanding the team in order to streamline all the processes. And FirstBit ERP software ensures that all the employees joining the Toolkit will now have a single platform for managing both external and internal operations taking into account the specifics of the construction industry.
What I expect from First Bit is not just about doing quotations. There is information which relates to the suppliers, materials, pricing, etc. which we can put into the system, and then the system will facilitate a quick turnaround. Whatever you need is already in the system and it’s constantly upgraded and updated.
Murad Khan
Owner of The Toolkit Interior Decoration

Main Outcomes

In-house accounting. Dependence on an outside accounting service provider has completely disappeared eliminating security and efficiency issues. Now the company deals with any kind of information related to accounts by themselves.
Handy data processing. FirstBit ERP enables The Toolkit to easily access all the data within a single platform which ensures both tracking previous operations and making quotations and invoicing faster within the current workflow.
Even more potential. Murad Khan admits that he has yet to discover all the ERP features but believes that the FirstBit system is advanced enough to cover his expectations in terms of construction project management and any other activities.

About the Team

According to Murad Khan, there is one feature which is mostly missing with all service oriented companies resulting in waste of time and extra hustle. They don't ask the right questions and cannot understand the client's needs.
In First Bit, the people that I've engaged with take ownership and responsibility, and they have a good level of understanding. So, they reach to the core of the problem fast and suggest a solution which is relevant and pertinent to the problem. And then the resolution of the problem itself happens quickly. So, the entire turnaround cycle is fast. The team itself is very efficient and does a lot of handholding.
Murad Khan
Owner of The Toolkit Interior Decoration

Why First Bit

The Toolkit Interior Decoration engaged with First Bit through a referral. But referral turned out to be not the primary factor when choosing ERP.
Sometimes people get referred to things and then they don't end up buying or subscribing. The most important part is how the representatives of the company showcase the capabilities of the product. So, Nikolay, Anshul and Ubaid did a great job.
Murad Khan
Owner of The Toolkit Interior Decoration
As for the software itself, Murad says they could have just taken any accounting software and used that. But FirstBit ERP is more tuned to assist with fit out and interior decoration and construction industry.
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Owner of The Toolkit Interior Decoration
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