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First Bit has completed a successful ERP implementation and training session for Brook & Ripples LLC.
Events & News 25 November 2022
The company turned to First Bit to automate its business processes and set up an easy and comprehensive system to streamline interaction between departments.
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FirstBit has completed a successful ERP implementation for Xterior.
Events & News 14 November 2022
Xterior is an international award-winning contracting company, specializing in swimming pools and landscaping projects across the UAE.

The company approached FirstBit in search of an ERP solution to automate business processes and unite ...
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Factors for a Successful ERP Implementation
ERP & Business Automation 14 October 2022
ERP software has a well-deserved reputation for transforming businesses, but outcomes vary. We think these are the top success factors that can ensure successful ERP implementation....
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7 Proven Tips for Effective ERP Maintenance
ERP & Business Automation 6 October 2022
Protecting your ERP system is important to the smooth functioning of your business. Here are some tips for maintaining a secure ERP system. Find out what they are and how you can use them best....
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How to Successfully Implement a New ERP: Easy Steps
ERP & Business Automation 19 September 2022
Ready to deploy a new enterprise resource planning system (ERP) in your growing business? Here's your quick and easy guide to implementing an ERP....
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Phases of an ERP Implementation Plan
ERP & Business Automation 2 September 2022
A successful ERP implementation requires much more than just installing software. Read about these 7 essential phases to install your new ERP system. Learn more about them to maximize your chances of success....
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