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That is the key reason I'm selecting this software. I need a live report.

Multiple projects are running in a company, and we cannot predict that there are losses coming until we get the proper report. In this software, we are getting, data, it's already, it's coming in a loss or it's near to our budget so we can take a proper decision on time. That is the key reason I'm selecting this software. I need a live report.
Martin Jose


Customer Information

Southern Interiors Is A Complete Solution Provider In Interiors. The company provides our clients with broad interior design services for residential and commercial buildings, offices, shops, hotels etc. in a wide array of space planning, concept design, detailed design, 3D Visuals and supervision. From architectural design to a re-arranging furniture, from concept to finish, Southern Interior's team's attention to detail.

Project Goals and Tasks

  • Procurement control
  • Project cost control
  • Real-time reports
  • Consolidate invoice, procurement, quotation modules into one system
  • Eliminate human error

Project Description

Before implementing FirstBit ERP, the managers of the company were using accounting software and several other programs to manage day-to-day operations. But there were regular difficulties with data entry and generating correct reports. The main challenge was to keep accounting systematically in the software so that employees could work anywhere in the world.

Why Southern Interiors LLC chose FirstBit?

Advanced functionality.
With FirstBit ERP, company management can track a project from request to final payment, as well as use advanced functionality such as late payment reminders.

A customer-centric approach.
Staff responds very properly on time.

Project Outcomes

For the time being, based on our data entry, the company's management is getting a better reports, getting a clear monitoring of the things. Reports are generated quickly and human error has been significantly reduced. The team works smoothly in a single system, which is accessible 24/7.

Technoavia Wholesalers LLC

FirstBit ERP allows us to have an accurate inventory count when using raw materials to make a finished item.