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The time for generating job card and invoice for a client was reduced by 3–4 times with FirstBIT ERP

“Our company used to keep records manually in Excel spreadsheets. Separate spreadsheets were used for different purposes. To perform calculations and generate reports, we had to collect data from isolated files. This complicated and slowed down fulfilling the processes and caused mistakes.
The completed project enabled consolidating the entire records in a single FirstBIT ERP system. The required information can be obtained at any time with a necessary level of detail and with a required breakdown. You can look up payables and receivables or print any document. In addition, the new system has set up the foundation for the planned business scaling. We thank First BIT for their professional and quality work!”

Sabari Sundaram

Operations Manager

Customer Information

Continental Line Shipping and Freight LLC(CLS&F) has been working on the logistics market since 2015. The organization provides their clients with the services related to air, sea, road logistics and responsible storage of cargoes, their processing and customs clearance. The company has 2 warehouses in Jebel Ali, Dubai.

Project Goals and Tasks

The main purpose of the automation project was to increase the efficiency of all company business processes. This required:

  • minimizing manual tasks;

  • reducing the number of mistakes related to human factor;

  • automation of sending invoices to clients;

  • increasing the accuracy of calculating salary and other payments to employees;

  • ensuring reliable accounting of expenditures and revenues;

  • establishing a way to receive high-quality management reporting.

Project Description

Continental Line Shipping and Freight LLC kept records using MS Excel spreadsheets. The salaries and internal loans to employees were maintained in isolated files. This complicated calculations and caused mistakes in them. The company also used Excel to keep records of expenditures on the rental of premises, transport, etc. They could not generate reports by expenditure items and with necessary detail. Creating a full-fledged management reporting required a significant investment of time and labor resources while finalized reports contained mistakes and inaccuracies. The invoices to clients were generated and sent manually. The data for invoices was collected from isolated files; various price lists were used in work with different clients.
The important task was to generate accurate reports on the cargoes stored at the company warehouses indicating the storage charges and the amount owed by the client. Before that, several isolated documents used for records had to be consulted and consolidated to generate such data. Generating a report required considerable time. The final document was not detailed enough while complicated operations caused mistakes in calculations.
The organization needed a convenient and modern accounting system that would optimize the company operations and increase the company manageability.
To solve the set tasks, the company management contacted the experts from First BIT office in Dubai. FirstBIT ERP product developed specially for automating multinational and foreign companies was selected as the basis for implementation. One of the solution important advantages was full compliance of its accounting system with the UAE law.
First BIT experts installed the software product and performed all necessary setup, entered initial balances and required changes in the chart of accounts. The initial data was moved from Excel to an information database. In addition, the job card generation mode was developed that included the list of completed jobs for every order. The invoice to the client for paying the order is generated automatically based on the job card. Standard reports were modified taking into account individual needs of the company.
The software product enabled automating the calculation of salaries and other payments as well as the accounting of internal loans to employees. A reliable accounting of expenditures by cost items allowed controlling the company expenditures and increased accuracy of their planning. Moreover, the new system helps the company to receive management reporting with any required level of detail.
The fulfilled project enabled the organization to increase their quality of accounting and accuracy of calculations, eliminated mistakes related to human factor and increased considerably general labor productivity of the company experts.

Project Outcomes

  • The time for generating job card and invoice for a client was reduced by 3–4 times.

  • The company employees labor effort was reduced considerably.

  • Accounting mistakes related to human factor were eliminated.

  • The accuracy of calculating salary and other payments to company employees was increased considerably.

  • An accurate and reliable accounting of all business operations, expenditures and revenues as well as report generation with necessary breakdown was ensured.

  • Invoice generation to clients was accelerated, mistakes in billing were eliminated.

  • Up-to-date and accurate management reporting enables management to keep abreast of the company activities and take real-time decisions. The company manageability was increased.

Casa De La Belleza Trading LLC

FirstBIT ERP helped increase profit due to reliable control over supplied goods and deferred payments