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FirstBit ERP helped us with project management, budget control, insights and reporting. Now with the help of this software, we can work faster and efficiently.

Before having FirsBit ERP installed, we faced delays in our day-to-day activities like project management, and reporting, but this software proved a great help and served our purpose well. Now, the reporting is done within a few minutes and free from errors. Personally, I can handle the reporting easily and it is also possible for me to know the status and activities of the project; for example, the colors can indicate the status of the payment. This is our first experience with ERP, so, at first, our employees faced difficulties, but with the training of FirstBit, we were able to work correctly. One important thing: we are using the default version of FirstBit, which works perfectly fine for us and it is user-friendly and within our budget.
Girish Krishna

General Accountant at AVOTECH LLC

Customer Information

AVOTECH LLC is based in the UAE and was established in 2007 to help in the development process of the UAE market to make it technologically advanced and supply industrial solutions from leading suppliers. They have a refined and wide range of Hospitality Industries Equipment, Systems & Solutions in hotel engineering repair and renovations. They aim to provide nothing less than high-quality products that are catered for the customers' needs. Additionally, they have two professional divisions with their own specified aims. The trading vision is responsible for the supply of high-quality equipment, and the service division has the objective of providing customer sources.

Project Goals and Tasks

  • Managing the projects for better time management.
  • Controlling the budget of the projects.
  • Automating the reports efficiently to minimize errors.
  • To speed up the time of getting daily finance and project reports.
  • Managing the inventory for a smooth project going.
  • Having HR module for attendance of the employees.
  • Making the procurement process easier for each project.
  • Getting insights into projects to ensure the project is going well.
  • Reducing the time of manually managing the reports

Project Description

AVOTECH LLC has achieved its goals with the help of FirstBit ERP. They are now able to get some benefits to make their work easier. These advantages are written below:

  • AVOTECH LLC is managing the projects efficiently and getting insights into the projects quickly.
  • The reports are generated automatically daily, which saves a lot of employees' time.
  • The cost of projects is under control.
  • The inventory helps AVOTECH LLC to manage the project smoothly.
  • AVOTECH LLC is now focusing on many other opportunities because their workload is reduced due to automatic report generation.
  • The automatic reports help them to appear more professional in front of their customers.

Why AVOTECH LLC chose FirstBit?

User-Friendly: AVOTECH LLC chose FirstBit ERP because it is user-friendly and helps users understand the software’s working easily.

Budget-Friendly: FirstBit ERP suits AVOTECH LLC's needs perfectly, and the cost of this software is not as high as its performance.

Well-suited to AVOTECH LLC’s requirements: AVOTECH LLC chose FirstBit ERP because it matches their needs which means that no customization was required.

Project Outcomes

The company is receiving many benefits from the FirstBit ERP, which are enlisted below:

  • The company is now managing the projects very well.
  • The cost of the projects is under control.
  • The company’s workload is reduced because reports are generated automatically now.
  • The company is focusing on unlocking new opportunity doors because they are managing time perfectly.
  • They look more professional in front of their clients with the help of automated reports which are free from errors.

The working of all employees using FirstBit ERP is much faster than before.


AVOTECH LLC is satisfied with the FirstBit ERP as it exceeded their expectations, and the cost is in their control. Additionally, they recommend FirstBit ERP to the MEP industry because the performance of this software is ideal for them.

Zenith Smart Technology (Zenith Group)

FirstBit ERP helped to build coordination between my teams and departments, which was absent before this software; more importantly, everything was messy due to a lack of coordination without this system.