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Thanks to the implementation of FirstBit ERP, the managers of the company can understand the final profitability of each particular vehicle.

Now we have data that can be analysed - very convenient and easy to understand.
Cashflow and tax, hr modules are now set up and working 100% - data is maintained correctly, reports can be uploaded easily and quickly.
Dilshod Baymatov

Owner Seven Luxury Car Rental L.L.C.

Customer Information

Seven Luxury Car Rental in Dubai specializes in delivering premium cars for rent at the best deals. Company's fleet features top automotive brands ranging from performance cars like Ferrari and Lamborghini to luxury cars like Rolls Royce and Bentley.

Ever since the company was launched in 2013, Seven Luxury Car is in constant expansion. The whole team has been focusing over the years on core principles such as excellent value for money and strong customer support.

The company's mission is to become an industry benchmark and the number one customer choice for Luxury transportation services both locally and regionally.

Project Goals and Tasks

  • To have customized HR and Payroll reports as per the internal policies of the Company.

  • Automating VAT calculation with the UAE law requirements.

  • Getting accurate data in reports.

  • Generating customized operational reports daily.

  • Improving management and decision-making of the company using new software.

Project Description

The company was running an old version of the software with limited functionality - just cash flow and invoice printing. Data were entered by employees manually with errors. Reports for management had to be created manually, which took a lot of time and led to constant errors.

The company owner was looking for ERP software in Dubai and approached FirstBit with the following requests:

  • To set up HR and Payroll module to calculate all salaries automatically as well as leave balances, sick leave, benefit payments, etc. while remaining in compliance with UAE labour laws.

  • Adjust VAT calculation with the UAE law requirements.

  • Automate the export of reports.

  • Saving time by reducing the workload on repetitive and manual tasks.

  • Employee training to reduce human errors.

  • Increase resource efficiency to help business to grow.


User-friendly interface:

The software interface is intuitive and easy to understand. Even after a short training employees were able to perform the assigned tasks fast and without errors.

Reliability of FirstBit's brand:

The founders of the company were already familiar with other FirstBit products based on 1C and had positive experiences with them in the past. Therefore, the choice was obvious.

Project Outcomes

SEVEN LUXURY CAR RENTAL L.L.C. has received various benefits after the implementation of the ERP system for car rentals FirstBit ERP:

  • The cashflow report is correctly generated.

  • After the training, the team was able to properly conduct tax accounting using the functionality of the FirstBit ERP.

  • With HR and Payroll module, the company calculates all salaries in the automatic mode as well as vacation balance, sick leaves, gratuity pay, etc, staying in compliance with the UAE Labor Law. It eliminates mistakes of manual calculations.

  • Automated Fixed assets depreciation entries and the adjustment process.

  • Customized and error-free reports as per requirements.

  • The software is tailored to the specifics of the car rental business and works smoothly.

As part of the project, First Bit specialists provide post-implementation software support, as well as timely software updates and advice.


The company management had a request for specific reports for the car rental industry - how much was the cost and profit for a particular car (fuel consumption, damage, what deposit the client made, etc).

Thanks to the implementation of FirstBit ERP, the managers of the company can understand the final profitability of each particular vehicle. After FirstBit ERP solution implementation all data and reports can be received promptly and company management is confident that they are reliable.

SEVEN LUXURY CAR RENTAL L.L.C. now reached a new level of data transparency, which was not available before. Streamlining and formalizing the process helped during the expansion, which was not possible without the FirstBit ERP system in place before.

Rapid Supplies General Trading LLC

After using FirstBit ERP, we feel that we are in good hands as it has helped us achieve our primary goals and we can avail ourselves with more new opportunities like expanding business and strengthening our presence in the international market.