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I can rate the FirstBit ERP system at 9 out of 10!

We can find a supporting document inside the system without searching everywhere. Regarding logistics, it's very easy to track the shipments with the driver. Stock count is easy as giving reporting... In the finance part,  it's making things easy compared to other software like also payment allocations, and reporting. For the HR department, I can track approvals, and our work and to control our employees and the lead collections. In general, I can give a system from 10, I can provide nine.                            
Feras Alratta


Customer Information

Premium Medical Supplies LLC (PMS) Company was established in 2013 – in Dubai. Striving to be recognized as a leading Healthcare Providers in the UAE through its distinguished business approach, By building strong relationships with customers and health stakeholders By offering the best services and values in Healthcare, and delivering a comprehensive range of medical equipment, Medical Disposables, and consumables – from the classic to the latest – in prompt, innovative and cost-effective ways in accordance with market demand. Premium Medical Supplies LLC provides innovative and quality kinds of medical, and dental, equipment, consumables, instruments, products, and hospital furniture to all government and private hospitals, clinics, training institutes, universities, and medical centers.

Project Goals and Tasks

  • Increasing employees’ efficiency using FirstBit ERP.
  • Synchronizing all departments into one system.
  • Generating customized reports and printing them.
  • Having everything available in one touch.
  • Making transactions within the system.
  • Making quotations.
  • Keeping track of inventory.
  • Linking departments together.
  • Tracking sales invoices.
  • Accessing the system at any time and any way.

Project Description

The company worked with an outdated system and planned to implement a new one because the old system had only basic functionality, which did not meet the needs of growing businesses.

The company's management was looking for ERP software in UAE and approached FirstBit with the following requests:

  • Streamline business process.
  • Track current workflow, to become a paperless company.
  • Set up automation of invoicing and tax invoices, invoice tracking, and payment tracking.
  • Keep track of deliveries.
  • Establish a simple process of counting inventory, and reporting (PDA device has been configured to maintain the proper inventory movements coming inside and going outside).
  • Capture the warranty information in the sales order document itself to reflect the service module.
  • Track and monitor employees.


User-friendly and understandable interface of the FirstBit ERP system.

Any employee can understand and work with the system, reducing human error.

Project Outcomes

The company got a lot of benefits after implementing FirstBit ERP:

  • All departments work as a single system.
  • Thanks to the tracking of employees, the efficiency of their work is increased.
  • The company now manages and tracks all payments and sales.
  • Separate module was developed from scratch as per the PMS process Installation > Job card (service document) with different transaction types.
  • The company successfully manages inventory.
  • Thanks to automatic, customizable reports, company management saves time and reduces the risk of human error.
  • The company can grow and develop with this system.


PREMIUM MEDICAL SUPPLIES LLC has been working in the Dubai market since 2013.
At some point, the company's management was faced with the problem that further business growth was not possible on the basis of outdated software.

After FirstBit ERP was implemented, the company's business processes became automated, and employees' work and reports became transparent and understandable.
The company was able to grow effectively with the support of a strong ERP system.


Thanks to the implementation of FirstBit ERP, the managers of the company can understand the final profitability of each particular vehicle.