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The ERP system helps us avoid human error and control inventory, sales and all operational processes.

Now we can avoid human errors and have control of our inventory and sales and all things operational.
In terms of reporting, the system has most of the reporting that we need as like, at our fingertips, especially on bestselling items, and revenues generated.
Simon Elkayed

Managing Director

Customer Information

ZSI Corp is a premium distributor for street fashion, sportswear and footwear brands throughout the Middle East. The private labeling division is one of the region’s biggest supplier of SMU products for prestigious leisure facilities across the region. ZSI Corp’s head office is located in Dubai, the financial and business hub of the Middle East.

Project Goals and Tasks

The main purpose of the project was to automate all business processes and increase the efficiency of the company.
  • Looking for a user-friendly ERP system;
  • Handle specific business with more accuracy;
  • Minimize manual tasks;
  • Reduce the number of mistakes related to human factors;
  • Manage and automate all finance information: invoices, credit notes, and taxes;
  • Establish an approval process;
  • Account receivable and cash flow control;
  • Control of inventory and sales.

Project Description

The company wanted to implement ERP software that would handle internal accounting, inventory, and follow-up in a simpler and more controlled way. Before the FirstBit solution, the company was using another system, which was quite convenient for accounting. Still, it lacked customization that would take into account the specifics of the business in terms of inventory and all the rest processes. The main challenge was to automate all business processes to avoid human error.

Why ZSI TRADING LLC chose FirstBit?

Among other solutions, ZSI TRADING LLC chose FirstBit ERP because it offers complete control of the business in a more accurate, easily accessible way.

Project Outcomes

Now all the reports are generated easily, and clearly, sales, stock balances, income received - all the figures are in the palm of the hand. There is real-time visibility of inventory stocks.

The company reduced manual workload and risk of human erorrs.


ZSI TRADING LLC is pleased with the partnership, as FirstBit ERP covered the business needs for customized reports and warehouse logistics, and helped automate all processes.


I can rate the FirstBit ERP system at 9 out of 10!