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The primary goal of the automation project was to enhance the efficiency of all the company's business processes.

FirstBit is an excellent solution designed to automate all your business processes, ensuring you receive accurate and timely reports.
Khachik Hakobyan


Customer Information

Since 1999, Kvadrat Systems Ltd. has been developing and offering high-end marketing, consulting, and IT services in various fields: - Supplying IT and security equipment. - Market research and development of professional solutions for Internet business. - Complex integration of video surveillance systems, access control, fire, and security alarm systems, and automatic PBX systems. - Development and support of reliable e-commerce solutions for various online platforms. - Production and supply of modern science-intensive geophysical equipment and borehole equipment. - Accounting service.

Project Goals and Tasks

The primary goal of the automation project was to enhance the efficiency of all the company's business processes. This necessitated the following:

  • Cutting down on manual tasks to streamline operations;
  • Diminishing errors associated with human involvement;
  • To automate the process of sending invoices to clients;
  • Improving the precision in calculating salaries and other employee payments;
  • Guaranteeing dependable accounting of both expenditures and revenues;
  • Generating VAT reports in a timely manner;
  • To receive real-time management reporting.

Project Description

KVADRAT SYSTEMS LLC expanded into the UAE market 10 years ago and was immediately faced with the challenge of finding an appropriate solution to automate business processes. FirstBit was selected as a trustworthy provider of 1C-based software. The tasks the company needed to address included automating accounting, cash flow, money transfers, turnover tracking, and warehouse accounting.


  • A well-known and trusted brand.
  • User-friendly and easy-to-understand software.

Project Outcomes

  • The processing of accounting tasks is now quicker and more dependable.
  • Employee and payroll documentation have been digitalized and made compliant with the UAE Labor Law.
  • The dispatch of invoices to clients is expedited, with errors in billing eradicated.
  • The warehouse is now automated.
  • VAT reports are promptly prepared.
  • A structured workflow has been set up between users.
  • In addition, the company's management is updated with live operational reports.

Southern Interiors LLC

That is the key reason I'm selecting this software. I need a live report.