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Implementing FirstBIT ERP significantly increased customer satisfaction and asset turnover of wholesale business Amarak Trading LLC

“This year marks a new stage in company development, calling for state-of-the-art software to significantly optimize our business processes and make them flexible, manageable and streamlined. Implementing FirstBIT ERP has given us a reliable tool to manage our wholesale business. The solution allows efficiently handling the extremely broad range of products, get market insights and monitor the workflow. We will continue cooperation with First BIT to receive support, train our employees and implement new” he concludes.

Houssam Aljord

CEO at theAmarak Trading

Customer Information

Amarak Trading LLC is a Dubai, UAE based wholesale trader of branded watches selling over 20 thousand individual product articles through retail outlets since 2007. Such a large volume leads to a huge and complex document flow, which generates 50 to 100 handover orders and sales reports daily. Sometimes products are identified by their names only, which used to prevent the company from getting relevant information on partner transactions and thus led to considerable time losses for reconciliation processes.

Project Goals and Tasks

The company used Microsoft Excel to manage its workflow, which could not cope with the complex automation requirements.
Amarak Trading decided to automate all its processes in order to make the business more manageable. The system integrator would have to complete three tasks:

  • Design a new procedure to account for products handed over for sale;

  • Design a mechanism to identify products by various properties;

  • Design a mechanism to monitor market prices in order to set the sales price.

The main goal was to allow the company to quickly retrieve reports on product handovers and partner transactions. To achieve it, Amarak Trading has chosen the FirstBIT ERP solution based on 1C:Enterprise.

 First BIT’s business automation expertise allowed it to complete the whole project and automate all the business processes in just two months.

 As part of the project, the First BIT team configured the system for data accounting and retrieval by ids and partners, re-engineered the workflow and deployed the FirstBIT ERP software platform. Amarak employees have received proper training and are now capable to identify a product, find out its market price and set the sales price for end customers using various mechanisms (discounts, markups).

The new information system streamlined all the company’s business processes. For instance, documents received from clients are now instantly registered with the system, thus allowing getting up-to-date information on inventories and transactions on a daily basis. This significantly increased customer satisfaction and asset turnover.

The boosted efficiency and performance promises optimistic financials for the company in the new year. The management now has a complex tool for operations supervision, business monitoring and rational decision making.

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