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Whatever we needed for our business departments, we had it at our fingertips with FirstBit ERP Software.

We had onsite software since the first day, and we wanted to move to the cloud-based software solution. So, my team and I made detailed comparisons of the available systems, and we found that the FirstBit ERP system excelled the other systems greatly. And you know, the decision was pretty clear. Our company has different departments such as warehouse, workshop, and retail. With this system, every department can perform its functions well. Most importantly, we got everything in one system with the help of FirstBit. FirstBit team did a great job with customizing, automating, and implementing the system. They came to visit us during COVID-19 to solve issues and provided training that we were looking for onsite.
Simphiwe Gumede

Operations Manager at Yas Cycles

Customer Information

Yas Cycles is a leading and prestigious company of UAE dealing in the cycles to contribute to the health and well-being of the community of Abu Dhabi. They are the retailers having highly skilled professionals to customizing the riding experience of the clients. Three highly professional departments like a warehouse, a workshop, and a retail work to manage inventory, provide fully customized products, and offer high standard support and guidance to clients to buy any products. They have six branches across Abu Dhabi, and all of them are always busy providing the best customer services to clients. Additionally, Yas Cycles co-operates with Gulf Multi-Sport to organize events to educate, train and spreading road awareness for all cyclists.

Project Goals and Tasks

  • Synchronizing and putting all departments of the company on one cloud-based system.

  • Automating the creation of SRO for any new job and updating the job’s status in the workshop department human errors to reduce human errors.

  • Preparing unique and customized reports for all board members.

  • Creating UPCs and performing calculations necessary for a business like currency conversion.

  • Keeping records of distributing items to other branches.

  • Keeping track of the items in the warehouse.

  • Customizing the system as per the needs of the workshop to improve efficiency.

Project Description

FirstBit understood all the problems and requirements of the Yas Cycles and strived to successfully deploy a cloud-based centralized system to overcome all the challenges faced by the company. In addition, the company wanted to align all the departments using one technique; thereby, a fully customized system is installed at the Yas cycles by FirstBit with the following advantages:
  • It makes sure that all the departments are working efficiently without any errors.

  • The system creates detailed and error-free SRO at a workshop for clients and other departments.

  • The management’s task of keeping track of inventory is made easy.

  • Making sales are easy with the FirstBit ERP system

  • The tasks of the warehouse, like calculations, are completed with much ease.

  • It also saves time for the employees so they can focus on their jobs better.

In a nutshell, the employees' performance of all departments is improved as now they don't have to tackle things that are not a part of their responsibilities like battling with system-level complexities. The system saves their time to strive to open new doors of opportunities, innovations and developments.

Why Yas Cycles chose FirstBit?

  • FirstBit is flexible in terms of customization: Yas Cycles chose the FirstBit because of its unique feature of customizing system to fulfil the company's needs. It has a workshop department that requires system customization because most systems don't have the workshop side of things. That's why FirstBit excelled its competitors in customization.

  • Outstanding Support: The FirstBit went to Abu Dhabi whenever Yas Cycles needed help with the system. Even during the COVID-19, FirstBit went to Abu Dhabi to help them.

  • Company Experience: Yas Cycles wanted to work with a company with vast experience in a cloud-based system. When they evaluated the available options, they found that the FirstBit ERP system excelled the other system greatly.

Project Outcomes

The company has managed to receive numerous benefits from the FirstBit ERP system since its installation. They saved a lot of time and energy. Following are some outcomes of this system:
  • The company can retrieve the required information of the item or client in no time.

  • All the departments are managed well, mainly the warehouse.

  • Personalized and error-free reports can be generated using the FirstBit ERP system.

  • Preset SROs can be used to save time and energy.

  • The distribution process is never interrupted.

  • No manual calculations are required with this software.


In the bottom line, Yas Cycles is satisfied by the FirstBit ERP system as it provided them with the opportunity to be more in action in the field while most of the work is automated. In addition, FirstBit managed to provide the FirstBit ERP system that catered to the needs of the Yas Cycles.

Abdul Aziz Al Badwawi Building Contracting LLC

FirstBit ERP software has every module required for the construction/contracting industry, making it all-in-one software.