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Accounting automation for wholesale cosmetics distributor by FirstBIT ERP

“We had no thoughts about trying another IT product: other options available on the market had failed to impress, owing either to the lack of flexibility or unreasonable price. System flexibility is an absolute must for us due to certain features of our business, which are not provided for in basic configurations of other software titles. For instance, we need multiple price lists for effective CRM. Naturally, we don't want to pay extra to other solution providers when there is the familiar First BIT product that completely fits our requirements.

The FirstBIT ERP solution in its default configuration enabled us to automate all our business processes: trading, accounting, warehouse management, and purchasing – all this with multiple currency support. The merchandise comes to Dubai directly from Europe, and for us it is crucial that the software converted euro to dirham at the purchase date's rate, not the date of delivery rate. The First BIT product allows this. Additionally, we have found the Final Payment Due Date field extremely useful for trading in the UAE market, since all transactions here are cashless. This field is available in the basic configuration of the FirstBIT ERP solution, based on the 1C: Enterprise 8 platform.

We are totally satisfied with the result. The implementation has been completed in just one business day, and mastering the software for our staff member didn't take long either: the experts of First BIT Dubai trained him in stages, and after a week and a half he became fully proficient in the system, despite being an administrative assistant with no deep knowledge of accounting.
Currently we are eligible for software support on warranty terms, but we have never needed to contact our account manager: everything works perfectly without any technical support.”

Yuliya Levitskaya

Managing Director, Reino Perfumes and Cosmetics Trading LLC

Continental Line Shipping and Freight LLC

The time for generating job card and invoice for a client was reduced by 3–4 times with FirstBIT ERP