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Zenith Smart Technology (Zenith Group)

FirstBit ERP helped to build coordination between my teams and departments, which was absent before this software; more importantly, everything was messy due to a lack of coordination without this system.

We were facing a really problematic situation due to a lack of coordination between teams and departments and failure to manage the cost of the projects because we own 10 companies. The management of these companies while expanding and growing requires additional software support. So, I started searching for a good software that can increase the company's efficiency by controlling the cost and building coordination between teams and departments. As a result of my research, I found FirstBit ERP and it completed my main requirement, but there were many things to be modified in the software to meet our expectations, and I am pleased with FirstBit Team that it always answered my questions and reached out whenever my teams and I needed them. They provided training as well, which was good too. There is room for improvements to match my requirement, but I am happy with the output and look forward to using this FirstBit ERP.
Hassan Karim Jahed Pari

Managing Director at Zenith Group

Customer Information

Zenith Group is comprised of 10 companies that are in the domain of construction and consultancy. It was established in 2012, and since then, all of the core companies have upheld high standards in all services. They were able to secure valuable clients from Expo because they exceeded the clients' expectations attending Expo. They offer high-quality services in construction and consultancy niches and in the renovation, it-out, hospitality, and so on. Because of their trained staff and highly-educated and experienced engineers, they were fully booked during the first lockdown caused by COVID-19. Moreover, they have regular clients as Zenith Smart Technology's professionalism and honesty incline customers towards them. They operate internationally and puts their clients' satisfaction above anything else.

Project Goals and Tasks

  • Building coordination between teams.

  • Creating coordination between the departments and linking them together.

  • Controlling the cost of the projects to determine profit and loss.

  • Tracking the labor of each project.

  • Generating customized reports daily.

  • Managing the inventory.

  • Improving management of the company using the software.

  • Needing support during the expansion phase to handle the mess because of many employees.

  • Tracking the progress of the projects.

  • Optimizing the organization by increasing efficiency.

  • Generating an excellent report due to efficient collaboration of the departments.

Project Description

Zenith Smart Technology is a renowned, international, and reliable company that suffered from a lack of coordination between the teams and no links among the departments. So, they went for FirstBit ERP and received the following advantages:
  • All of the teams are coordinating with one another using this software.

  • Departments of the organization are interlinked and can easily collaborate.

  • Employees are tracked easily.

  • Data and information can be easily retrieved from different departments to generate reports.

  • Keeping track of loss and profit is more manageable than before.

  • The cost is controlled efficiently.

  • Management of the company is improved.

Why Zenith Smart Technology (Zenith Group) chose FirstBit?

Affordable price: Zenith Smart technology selected the FirstBit because it is affordable with many facilities and features.
Coordination: They chose FirstBit to increase coordination between teams and departments, leading to a decreased mess and improving the organization's efficiency during growth.
Local company: Zenith Group went for FirstBit because it is based in the exact geographical location of Zenith Group.
Cooperative Staff: They selected FirstBit due to the politeness and professionalism of the staff of the FirstBit. The staff is more into work and building a good relationship instead of money.

Project Outcomes

The company was facing many problems before implementing the FirstBit ERP, but with the FirstBit ERP, they are enjoying the following benefits:
  • Better coordination between teams.

  • Increased efficiency of the organization to work better while growing.

  • Customized and error-free reports as per requirements.

  • Complete awareness of profit and loss due to reasonable cost-controlling features.

  • Reduced mess during the expansion, which was not possible without FirstBit ERP.

  • The company is now able to manage the projects and their progress.


Zenith Smart Technology is happy with the FirstBit team and FirstBit ERP. Zenith Group has asked to modify the software to meet their requirements, and they are delighted with this system. Moreover, they suggest it to trading companies.

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FirstBit ERP is a systematic software that helps in completing complex tasks in easy ways.