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After using FirstBit ERP, we feel that we are in good hands as it has helped us achieve our primary goals and we can avail ourselves with more new opportunities like expanding business and strengthening our presence in the international market.

In our previous ERP, we faced many issues; that ERP was not good enough to handle a large number of SKUs and synchronize all the departments. The efficiency of our employees was being wasted due to the previous ERP, but with the FirstBit ERP, we feel that we have a strong and good ERP. It helped us in achieving our main goal: synchronization of all the departments. We indeed faced 2 to 3 issues in this system at first, but the FirstBit team helped us to solve those issues. Other benefits of this software apart from synchronization are worth praising. New doors of opportunities are opened for us because we can invest our spare time in expanding our business. Thereby, we see our company using this system in the next five years too.
Noman Razzak

Sales Director at Rapid Supplies Middle East

Customer Information

Rapid Supplies General Trading LLC is a leading company with the mission of providing state-of-the-art supplies to their customers so that the guests would feel comfortable, satisfied, and welcomed. As per their name, they made rapid expansion and growth, and now they are serving in four regions. They are known for their high-quality products, customer trust, and satisfaction. Their team members are passionate and follow the dynamic and supreme leaders who strive for the best in every activity. Due to their professional service and high-quality products, they have a robust market presence and formidable relationship with their clients.

Project Goals and Tasks

  • Managing a large amount of SKUs.
  • Increasing employees’ efficiency using FirstBit ERP.
  • Synchronizing all departments into one system.
  • Generating customized reports and printing them.
  • Having everything available in one touch.
  • Making transactions within the system.
  • Using this system as a marketing tool.
  • Making quotations.
  • Keeping track of inventory.
  • Linking departments together like the lead generation with trading.
  • Tracking sales invoices.
  • Accessing the system at any time, especially during meetings with customers to look more professional.

Project Description

The FirstBit ERP proved to be very beneficial for Rapid Supplies Middle East as the company has managed to harvest the following advantages: • All departments are synchronized in one system. • The large amount of SKUs is managed easily. • Increased efficiency of the employees. • The company looks more professional in front of the customers as they can access the FirstBit ERP anytime from anywhere. • Rapid Supplies Middle East is managing and tracking payments and sales efficiently. • They are now able to keep track of the inventory. • The managers now can quickly know what is going on in the company by checking the dashboard. • The FirstBit ERP is used for making transactions and quotations. • This system is also used as a marketing tool.

Why Rapid Supplies General Trading LLC chose FirstBit?

Customization: Rapid Supplies Middle East chose the FirstBit ERP because they wanted a fully-customized software that could meet their requirements.

Synchronizing the departments: The primary reason for choosing the FirstBit ERP was to synchronize all departments into one system.

Cloud-based system: They selected the FirstBit ERP because they wanted to have a cloud-based system to access the system from anywhere at any time.

Project Outcomes

The company has received many benefits after the implementation of the FirstBit ERP. Following are the advantages enjoyed by the company:

  • They have synchronized all the departments into one system.
  • New doors of opportunities are opened for the company in the shape of expansion.
  • They are now managing and keeping track of all the payments and sales.
  • They are successfully managing the inventory.
  • They are using the FirstBit ERP as a marketing tool.
  • They look more professional due to cloud-based FirstBit ERP.
  • Much time is saved due to automated customized reports.
The efficiency of the employees is improved.


Rapid Supplies Middle East is satisfied, and they consider the FirstBit ERP a strong ERP that helped them solve almost all problems. Therefore, they would recommend the FirstBit ERP to the trading company, and they also think this system is good for a wholesale company.


FirstBit ERP helped us with project management, budget control, insights and reporting. Now with the help of this software, we can work faster and efficiently.