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Two times faster picking, shipment and a multifold increase of planning efficiency with FirstBIT solution.

Although not much time has passed since the project was launched, we can already see tangible results. By optimizing all warehouse business processes, we virtually eliminated human errors. The overall work efficiency is higher than ever, as is the quality of our client relationship management. We would like to specifically thank First BIT for the analytical reporting module. Its flexible setup and different formats allow us to better analyze the demand for any product and adapt to the circumstances without losing money.

Pär Söderlund

Managing Director

Customer Information

Suma Gourmet is one of the largest distributors of premium fresh products serving popular hotel chains and restaurants in the Middle East and the Maldives.

Suma Gourmet sources their Japanese Full blood A5 Wagyu beef from Hokkaido. They source their American Wagyu from Calvetti meats in Chicago. In Australia, they are working with Andrews Meat for many years. Also from Australian portfolio is Mort & Co. who is one of the biggest producers of 100% certified Black Angus and Wagyu in Australia.

For Olive Oil, they are proud to work with Castello Monte Vibiano Vecchio. Monte Vibiano is one of the leading producers of real extra virgin olive oil in Umbira, Italy. This is the first Olive farm in the world certified to produce zero carbon emissions and the only DNA tested oil in the world. You may recognize them on board many airlines in first or business class for the mono does 10ml virgin olive oil bottles.

Earlier this year Summa Gourmet joined forces with AC Damate. Damate are the largest Turkey producer in Russia and the third largest in Europe, guaranteeing an antibiotic free, hormone free, clean source of protein poultry.

Project Goals and Tasks

  • Optimize warehouse operations: accelerate order picking, reduce item search times, maximize warehouse facility utilization, streamline acceptance and shipment.
  • Streamline financial and management accounting.
  • Enable more efficient product line planning based on prompt demand analysis.
  • Raise employee performance by integrating a mobile app for sales agents.

Project Description

When your business is all about expensive and perishable goods, the viability and liquidity of the whole enterprise depends on how good your warehouse inventory management is.

Although Suma Gourmet used a commercial solution up until 2018, warehouse inventory management remained a weak link in the company’s operations. There was no well-established workflow, there were issues with shelf life management and surpluses left unaccounted for. Moreover, cost calculations were manual and involved imminent human errors.

The company needed to switch to a modern automation system that would not only exclude errors, but also upscale the overall business efficiency.  

Before implementing its product, First BIT specialists thoroughly analyzed all customer processes and came up with an algorithm that allowed them to clearly identify root causes of problems.

Before switching to FirstBIT Accounting, Suma Gourmet’s workflow was as follows. After accepting goods from a supplier, workers would weigh them and sort in the warehouse. Surpluses, if any, would not be recorded and often just discarded. In addition, as sorting was done manually, products with different shelf lives were mixed with each other. When sending meat to a client, warehouse workers would pick what they thought was the most suitable item and ship it out. This disrupted the workflow of key departments. The management struggled to analyze and plan orders, and sales to understand which products to sell.

Following First BIT’s analysis, the company integrated the suppliers database with automatic invoice generation, restructured the warehouse itself and equipped it with smart balances and barcode readers. The management in turn obtained a convenient and simple tool to analyze a whole range of indicators for future work planning.

Here is how the process looks like after the First BIT solution was implemented:

  • A Suma Gourmet employee creates a request right in the software and sends it to a supplier.
  • After receiving and accepting the goods, the warehouse manager weighs each piece separately.
  • The system calculates precise details for each piece — weight, cost, shelf life — and prints out an individual barcode sticker indicating its storage location.
  • When a customer places an order, the system records relevant dates and locations, analyzes the goods available in stock, selects the most appropriate items, and puts the order in the line.
  • All that warehouse workers now have to do is take the goods from corresponding warehouse cells and generate an invoice.
  • If the shelf life of an unsold item expires, the system issues an alert to send it to a refrigerator.
  • At the end of each day, the system structures all the data and creates management reports on gross profit, stock balances, and completed orders.

Together with the warehouse automation system, Suma Gourmet switched to FirstBIT Accounting’s Payroll module. In addition to the convenient user interface for managing all accountable expenses and payments, the solution easily handles value-added tax, which was introduced in the UAE in early 2018.

For field agents, the company has developed a mobile application that automates all sales operations. The centralized ecosystem now allows any Suma Gourmet to quickly create and close field orders.

The First BIT solution opens up new prospects for Suma Gourmet. Now it can, for example, enter the e-commerce market. The advanced and well-tuned warehouse inventory management system will allow the company to work not only with large clients, but also B2C customers — all processes are now automated.   

Project Outcomes

  • Warehouse space reorganized, excluding human errors during order picking.
  • Picking and shipment speed increased by 2.5 times.
  • Planning efficiency increased multifold thanks to the implemented analytical modules.
  • Work productivity increased without new hires.
  • Accounting and document management consolidated in a single accounting system.

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