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The FirstBit ERP is a perfect and professional solution to our needs as a growing company.

As a growing company, we needed software that would suit our requirements and help us link all of our departments, so we chose FirstBit ERP. It helped in improving managing projects and the company overall. This software enabled us to solve significant problems for this company and ease our path to success. During our growing process, we bought a company which was in losses. But then we started using FirstBit ERP for that company too. FirstBit ERP provided us with better insights into the company and helped us reduce the losses. At this moment, we are at a breakeven point. This system removed all the loopholes and helped us manage the projects in a better way. With the help of this software, I can handle the projects and review everything going on in a particular project, even if I am out of the office.
Areeb Iqbal

Managing Director at KillGerm Building Maintenance LLC

Customer Information

KillGerm Building Maintenance LLC aims to provide high-quality services through trained and experienced staff. They offer cleaning, pest control, landscape, tank cleaning, bird control, building maintenance, height solutions, termite control, and hygiene services to offices, malls, hospitals, labor camps, homeowners, apartment complexes, etc. Killgerm is fully devoted and committed to growing the business using the trained staff's technical, moral, and ethical efficiencies. Regardless of any type of challenges, our team has the abilities and training to perform best in all situations while not compromising on the quality of the service, which is made possible due to the policy of cross-training and multi-skilling the staff.

Project Goals and Tasks

  • Linking all the departments of the company.

  • Estimating the cost of the project.

  • Managing the projects and their revenues.

  • Sending customized proposals to customers.

  • Recording the purchase orders received from customers.

  • Generating procurement requests and purchase requisition.

  • Recording the working hours of laborers and employees.

  • Creating customized reports for various purposes like expenses and sales.

  • Managing time for improving processes of the projects.

  • Automating the tasks for better management.

  • Accessing the software remotely and working without any problem.

Project Description

KillGerm Building Maintenance LLC faced many problems while they were growing, so they chose FirstBit ERP, which not only solved their issues but also provided them with the following benefits:
  • All departments are linked, working better and completely aware of the activities in any specific project.

  • The projects are overseen and managed appropriately as the cost and revenue are managed using this software.

  • Time is managed better than before because all tasks are done on one platform.

  • Error-free customized reports are created as per requirements.

  • FirstBit ERP has helped the KillGerm manage HR, procurement, operations, sales, and all other departments' operations.

  • All of the orders are correctly managed.

  • Proposals are sent to the customers using FirstBit ERP.

Why KillGerm Building Maintenance LLC chose FirstBit?

Customization: KillGerm selected the FirstBit because they needed a perfect and professional solution for their business.
Cloud-based software: They chose FirstBit ERP so that the managers can easily use the software from any part of the world at any time.
Linking all the departments: FirstBit ERP helped KillGerm unite all the departments and streamline the processes.

Project Outcomes

The company has received the following advantage by using FirstBit ERP:
  • The company expanded the businesses by buying a company that was at a loss, but with FirstBit ERP, it has managed to reach a breakeven point.

  • All of the loopholes in costing and projecting are removed with the help of this software.

  • FirstBit ERP helps the company in managing the projects.

  • All of the control measures are in place, which results in the efficient management of projects and time.

  • The company has managed to link all the departments because of which all of the departments' processes are streamlined.

  • This software provides the company managers ease of accessing the software at any time.


KillGerm Building Maintenance LLC is more than pleased and satisfied with FirstBit ERP, and they would suggest the FirstBit ERP to service companies as it perfectly suits this sector’s needs and requirements.

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The FirstBit ERP is a good business solution to solve problems and take your business to the next level.