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Casanova operation has become more efficient and streamlined by FirstBIT ERP along with improved customer service

I would like to say thank you to the First BIT company and its team, they have helped us to achieve most of our goals and get back on track. We hope to continue this collaboration for many years to come.

Farhad Nawrozzadeh

Owner and Managing Director at the Casanova

Customer Information

Casanova is the UAE No.1 premium segment furniture store chain. The company supplies products to Dubai and sells them via showrooms with the total area of 33,000 sq ft. All the goods are made by the most famous world interior decorators and produced in Europe.
Casanova has been offering turnkey design solutions in the country for 10 years to date, its client base numbers some 5,000 entries. Having no business automation system except an accounting software, the firm was facing many information management problems for the last few years.

Project Goals and Tasks

What interfered with the company progress and had an adverse effect on its performance most were the issues caused by insufficient data on products and buyers:

  • The goods were frequently forgotten in the warehouse and found when the collection was already outdated, so the supplier had to sell them for a lower price, losing money.
  • With no common inventory database accessible to all sales staff, some pieces of furniture were sold several times, since one salesperson just didn’t know that another one had already found a buyer.
  • There was no clients database and no customer relations history, so sales department employees often failed to follow up with potential customers, which resulted in the company losing business.
  • There was no functionality to reserve an item for a specific client, and often a product already long awaited by someone was sold to another person.

Project Description

After the implementation of the FirstBIT ERP system for 10 users to the client's office network, First BIT professionals instructed each of Casanova employees on the correct and productive use of the solution, depending on their user rights. The result of the project has been complete automation of all aspects of company operation, such as:

  • Sales and CRM, including sending emails via the program directly.
  • Procurement and purchasing, including a comprehensive smart pre-ordering system allowing to reserve items by customer order and track item status until its delivery to the warehouse, so the piece of furniture goes to inventory as already booked and cannot been sold to another client. As soon as the reserved item comes in to the warehouse, the sales manager gets notified of the product arrival and for which customer it is reserved.
  • Stock management, including setting minimum and maximum amount for every item to trigger inventory order reminders; also, the function to check the availability and location of every furniture piece of particular configuration and color.
  • Accounting tasks, including cash and bank transactions, revenues and expenses, mutual offsets, easy item cost calculation, and spreadsheet upload functionality.
  • HR and payroll, including sales commission and vacation pay calculation.

The software significantly improved report preparation, documentation processing, management, and customer service.

Project Outcomes

After a year and a half of using FirstBIT ERP, the Casanova team members admit that not only these issues have been resolved but there are also many other benefits.

  • The problem with the lost stock is no longer exists.
  • The problem with selling one product more than once doesn’t occur any more.
  • Sales managers communicate with prospects as much as needed and never forget to get in touch on time.
  • It's now easier to control the sales team shifts.
  • Sales commission is now calculated and included in payroll automatically.
  • Accounting tasks – controlling cash and bank transactions, balancing revenues and expenses, analyzing mutual offsets, checking item costs, and report preparation – are now more convenient.
  • With item movement tracking and data snapshots always available, it became easier to make business decisions.
  • HR management became more effective thanks to the clear picture of each sales person's performance.