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A 40% reduction in financial and management accounting workload along with efficient and streamlined project costing automation

With the FirstBIT ERP, we can conduct thorough financial analysis of current and potential projects and plan our business more effectively. The software is easy-to-use, and the training session provided by the First BIT team helped us to switch from our past tools very quickly. And all this at a very affordable price.

Said Jisam KK

Finance Manager QKS Technical Services LLC

Customer Information

QKS Technical Services L.L.C. is the leading provider of pre-insulated ducting and related services in the UAE region. Pre-insulated ductwork accounts for 60% of all ductwork installed within the UAE. Benefits include speed of fabrication and installation, in addition to the reduced weight compared to conventional galvanized iron ductwork.

The company provides a CNC cutting service which allows customers to fabricate ductwork on site. Also, QKS provides factory fabrication of pre-insulated ductwork specific to customers' requirements, and performs a full installation service.

QKS has a team of 20+ engineers and in-house CNC machines for customized ductwork production, and has developed its own pipe insulation system.

Project Goals and Tasks

Challenges: lifting up cost-effectiveness and management accounting
  • Implementation of the project costing and cost-effectiveness analysis automation.
  • Streamlining financial and management accounting.
  • Ensurance of effective resource allocation based on planned project profitability, workload, and procurement requirements.
  • Automation of post-payments and custom payment-terms accounting.
  • Provision of a flexible data exchange and access to tools tailored to each company’s and department’s tasks.
  • Reduction of manual accounting work: order and inventory management, payroll, reporting.

Project Description

QKS Technical Services has a lot of customers, and ongoing projects for ductwork manufacturing, installation, and insulation services, along with new projects requests. 

In order to ensure the best resource efficiency, the company required a thorough profitability analysis for each project. 

It is hard to implement proper project-costing, efficiency analysis and reporting using outdated legacy software and tools like MS Excel which were used in the company. QKS business managers had to gather information from multiple systems and perform calculations manually. This led to a large amount of work and errors, as well as slow processes. 

The company needed to switch to a modern automation system that would allow financial and management accounting automation. The FirstBIT ERP was chosen as a flexible solution that was capable of solving all the company's tasks at an affordable price.

The FirstBIT ERP is built on top of the 1C:Enterprise Development Platform, which counts 5mln+ users and more than 7K+ partners building solutions powered by 1C:Enterprise. 

The 1C:Enterprise business-oriented development framework provides flexible customization according to customer requirements which helped First BIT team to implement FirstBIT ERP for QKS Technical Services within a short time. All this allowed the customer to achieve an unmatched cost effectiveness.

The whole implementation project took eight working visits. And allowed QKS Technical Services to almost completely eliminate the manual work connected to project costing, business management, and accounting. The number of possible mistakes made during manual calculations has also significantly decreased. 

QKS has signed up to a maintenance agreement, so that First BIT specialists provide SLA-based hotline support to make sure all functionality is used with the maximum value to the client.

Project Outcomes

Results: reduced costs and manual labor along with increased efficiency.

1. Costs can now be allocated to selected projects partly or in total.
2. Project costing and Payroll module allows the analysis of contributions of each employee to a particular project.
3. With the introduction of Comparison Reports the customer is now able to estimate project value and effectively plan business activities.
4. With detailed inventory reports, the client is now able to control stock levels and get items accurately delivered to the required site.
5. The process of issuing and tracking PDC checks is now automated, allowing the minimization of human error and the clearance of payments, relieving employees from manual work.
6. Accounting operations have become faster and more reliable, while contractor and payroll records are now much quicker and easier to handle.
7. Employee work productivity has increased thanks to flexible access to the data needed to fulfill their responsibilities.

The company now has more flexible and faster business processes, can conduct project wise analysis on the go, and can be sure all data is segmented and secured.

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