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FirstBIT ERP helped the accuracy of accounting and the management itself in Gamma Tech

“We got a system that lets us work comfortably. The automation of some work processes makes our work easier and faster. The biggest advantage for us is the clarity and organization of the data, now we can just see the whole chain of documents and see the picture. It helped the accuracy of accounting and the management itself.”

Project manager Gamma Tech FZE

Customer Information

Gamma Tech is specializing in the area of oil and gas, air-conditioning and water treatment sector.
Gamma Tech FZE specializes in air conditioning and water handling in the oil and gas sector. The company offers delivery, assembling and maintenance of equipment for extraction and refining of oil and gas, offers solutions for water handling and HVAC equipment.

Project Description

Our specialists concluded the automation process of the company Gamma Tech FZE. In just weeks the use of FirstBIT ERP lead to a complete overhaul and optimization of the logistics and work with clients.

Until recently the company didn’t had any automation system: the software for accounting was old, sales manager and logistics specialists were using spreadsheets. At certain point the company realized this way of working wasn’t productive. First, getting the needed information was taking too much time. Second, with more orders the risk of confusing accounting was increasing. And third, the management wasn’t able to fully control the situation in the company.

Gamma Tech FZE choose the Dubai branch of First BIT for conducting the optimization and automation. After a detailed analysis of the company’s work and needs, FirstBIT ERP was chosen as an ideal solution for Gamma Tech FZE.

The management and workers of the company specify the following improvements:

  • The possibility to have a unified clients and orders data base;
  • Printing documents takes less time as the documents are created automatically;
  • The relationship with the clients improved substantially, thanks to the automation of the whole working process it’s easier to see the history with each client and plan and analyze the needs of the market;
  • The automation of the logistics lead to a clear system of deliveries, as, for example, the workers now have a chance to see the full history of deliveries and orders.
And not only that, but the management now has a chance to have an updated and specified paperwork, which gives a chance to control and rectify the work of the whole company.


First BIT have automated  work of 3150 employees and  increased sales data processing in 14 times