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FirstBit ERP allows us to have an accurate inventory count when using raw materials to make a finished item.

FirstBit ERP allows us to have an accurate inventory count when using raw materials to make a finished item. So, it processes the raw materials for us, in terms of cost and actual inventory count.    
Mathew Cratchley

Operation manager

Customer Information

Technoavia was established in 1992. Initially, the company focused on servicing the civil aviation sector, which led to the formation of high-quality requirements in production and procurement processes. Technoavia's own production capabilities include 9 garment factories and 1 shoe factory. In 2019, 5,500,000 garments and 1,150,000 pairs of footwear were produced under Technoavia's trademark.

Project Goals and Tasks

  • The main purpose of the project was to set up inventory and order processing.
  • Quotations and order processing;
  • Minimize manual tasks;
  • Accurately calculate inventory and costing and actual inventory accounting;
  • Manage and automate all finance information: invoices, credit notes, and taxes.

Project Description

Technoavia is based in Moscow, and when the company came to Dubai in 2013, the management decided to purchase a 1C-based ERP system to synchronize systems in different countries. The company is a manufacturing company and also a reseller of goods from distributors. It needs to process incoming orders as well as receive and process raw materials into finished products and sell them.

Why Technoavia Wholesalers LLC chose FirstBit?

- to have connectivity with inventory systems in different countries.

- the developments are generally easier than other ERP systems.

- much more flexible than other systems.

- direct communication with developers, you can explain in detail what needs to be done.

Project Outcomes

The most significant result for the company after ERP implementation has been the streamlined processing of orders, i.e. turning raw materials into finished products.

FirstBit ERP allows accurate inventory accounting when raw materials are used to produce finished items. The system processes raw materials in terms of costing and actual inventory accounting.

Communication between ERP systems in different countries is also established.

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Management now has full control of operations, including cost control, projects, purchasing, and the entire workflow.