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FirstBit ERP is a systematic software that helps in completing complex tasks in easy ways.

Before implementing FirstBit ERP, we had a problem that could terribly affect any construction company; managing labor. We were not aware of how to manage the labor, reduce the project cost, and increase the profit, but this software now helps us manage the labors and projects as a whole. The labor is managed with the help of the attendance feature. Later on, automated reports are generated to review the labor per project. Moreover, we use this system to update the PO and material of any specific project. As a whole, FirstBit ERP helps us to review all of the projects and control them efficiently, which seemed to be an arduous task without this systematic software.
Abdul Hannan Barbhuiyan

Procurement Specialist at 3PTW

Customer Information

Three Pole Technical Works LLC was established in Dubai in 2010 with the aim to exhibit three core values in plumbing, electrical, ELV and Fitout services. Their registration number is 0010514890, as they are approved by DEWA. They have the certificate and are known to be an Electrical Contractor for Dubai Electricity & Water Authority. Their three core values are Quality, Dedication and Honesty, which they show in their work. 3PTW understands the clients' needs and requirements and ensures that the final product matches the high international standards and exceeds the expectations of the clients. Their future goal is to become the Dubai market's trusted and reliable contractors.

Project Goals and Tasks

  • Efficiently tracking and managing labor project-wise.

  • Managing the activities of the projects.

  • Controlling and managing overall tasks of the company.

  • Posting the attendance regularly.

  • Generating customized reports based on attendance.

  • Updating and managing the invoices and sales vouchers.

  • Purchase Order is prepared in the system.

  • Keeping track of the materials.

  • Track the cost of the project and determine the profitability.

Project Description

FirstBit ERP helps 3PTW achieve its main goal with many other long term solutions to ongoing problems. Additionally, 3PTW uses this software for the following advantages:
  • 3PTW is now able to determine the ways to manage the labor.

  • The attendance feature has helped them achieve their primary goal of tracking the labor for each project.

  • Due to this systemic software, they are now able to complete complex tasks like updating PO, sales vouchers, etc., efficiently.

  • 3PTW is controlling all tasks of the company effectively.

  • All the projects and projects' materials are adequately managed.

  • The project cost is easily monitored, and they appropriately check the profitability of each project.

Why Three Pole Technical Works LLC (3PTW) chose FirstBit?

Reducing the cost: 3PTW selected FirstBit to reduce the cost of the project by monitoring the projects.
Easy to use: They chose FirstBit ERP because it is easy to use while completing complex tasks.
Real-Time Management: 3PTW preferred FirstBit ERP over its competitors because it is a systematic software that provides real-time labor management.

Project Outcomes

The company has managed to seek the solutions to their problems which seemed impossible without FirstBit ERP. Following are the outcomes and benefits received by the company:
  • Easy to use software that efficiently completes lengthy tasks.

  • This system provides real-time management of the labor.

  • The company has managed to reduce the cost of the projects by monitoring each project activity.

  • The company is on its way to improvement due to control over small tasks and activities of the business.

  • The FirstBit ERP has enabled the company to keep track of the material.

  • There is a potential of increase in the profits of the company.

  • All the sales vouchers and invoices are updated.

  • Customized report generation is most effortless than ever for the company.


3PTW sees its future better because two significant cost affecting factors: labor and materials, are under their control. They are happy, satisfied and look forward to improvements and achieving goals in the near future. Moreover, they recommend the FirstBit ERP to construction and consultancy industries as this software has the ability to solve cumbersome tasks easily.

KillGerm Building Maintenance LLC

The FirstBit ERP is a perfect and professional solution to our needs as a growing company.