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The management of IMBA can understand the market a lot better now due to regular and error-free reports.

We feel lucky that we found FirstBit, as our standard and basic requirements weren’t being met previously. This was predominantly because our company has multiple branches and departments and each of them had their own and separate flow of processes. We needed to unite everything into one single system and provide all branches online access to this system. With FirstBit, even though they couldn't meet some of our requirements at first, by any means necessary they managed to fix them for us, making it easier for us to use the system. We bought the FirstBit ERP and made our employers' and employees' lives easier by keeping track of all the documents, managing their transactions, and centralizing information. Our work is very efficient now. Tasks that used to take up around 2-3 hours can now be completed within 10 minutes, with just a single click of a button! Also, now that we have accurate reports, we can understand how the current market is.
Osama Seif

IT Manager at IMBA

Customer Information

IMBA is one of the biggest building materials trading companies in Ras Al Khaimah. The company is very well recognized in the region. They specialize in:
  • Trading building materials (the main distributor for international brands like Jotun Paints, BASF, Fosroc and many more.)

  • Paints contracting (the main agent of paints and point-of-sale for internationally well-known paints manufacturers).

  • Providing waterproofing and insulation services (the main distributor of waterproofing and insulation products and services as well as application of insulation materials and products for popular international companies).

The company is the main agent and point-of-sale for various construction solutions, building materials, and paints. IMBA has a team of 250 dedicated employees and has done over 2247 projects.

Project Goals and Tasks

  • Prepare processes and data for e-commerce

  • Monitor sales margin by branches (5 branches).

  • Manage price lists for different types of clients.

  • Purchasing department control with approvals.

  • Restrict users' access to company data.

  • Reduce manual work and chances of human errors by the introduction of automated systems in the workplace.

  • Providing the customers transparency by letting them track their orders and requests.

Project Description

The company was not functioning in an organized manner. There used to be problems of all sorts with the previous system. Even something as easy as a transaction would be cumbersome and time-consuming. We used to have a local server instead of a cloud one, so at some times, backup became an issue as well.

Every department was on its own. The inventory, the accounting section - none of them functioned according to the company's standard. None of them ran smoothly and seamlessly. That was mainly because there was no connection between them.

For example, if a customer requests a particular product, the order is taken to the purchasing department through material requisition document or a customer order document. This department checks for its availability and places a purchase order or gets it transferred from any store depending on availability. Once the purchase order or transfer is created and the material is made available, the customer receives the material. Then, the sales department creates the tax invoice. And this is how easy it has become for a company.

But after implementation, the company has been able to implement the following improvements:

  • The company has more control over its business because all its branch operations are consolidated in one system.

  • The management can get reports anytime and anywhere, allowing it to respond to business needs promptly.

  • Organizing a hierarchical system for the employees. This has proved to be very productive for the company.

  • Regular and accurate reports have helped the company to understand and at times predict the market. This has enabled it to streamline the flow towards achieving their goals faster.

  • Estimate costs and layout plans for the services and products.

  • Ensure regular availability of materials for the customers.

  • There has been a considerable boost in efficiency in the sales department.

Why IMBA Building Materials Trading LLC chose FirstBit?

  • Support: The support that FirstBit promised seemed very genuine as IMBA has a considerable number of old workers who are accustomed to the old working standards and methods.

  • Price: The services that FirstBit had to offer were worth every penny. It was also economical considering how effective the services were.

  • Dedication: FirstBit was the only company to work hard and satisfy all IMBA’s needs.

  • Presentation: The presentation was crystal clear and the team was very amiable.

Project Outcomes

  • FirstBit has allowed the workflow of the company to be smooth and consistent. From the inventory to the customer's porch, every product is delivered in a swift and efficient manner now. Saving minor labor costs, saving time, integrating all the departments of the company are just some perquisites of this software.

  • Every department can get the necessary details and information by just entering the system.

  • The management can understand the market a lot better now due to regular and error-free reports.


FirstBit has significantly helped the company to act decisively for a better future. Everyone at IMBA is pleased with all the results, and is glad that they found FirstBit.

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