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The FirstBit ERP is a good business solution to solve problems and take your business to the next level.

We were using an ERP before, which was not as per our expectations and requirements so, we needed to switch to a good ERP that must solve our problems and help us accomplish our goals. Our previous ERP could not track and control the inventory and customized software as per our internal policies. That's why we had a demo of FirstBit ERP and found it a good business solution for us. We can access it from anywhere and do our work without hindrance. There was indeed a lot of customization, and we wanted to get the perfect ERP for us which caused some issues, but the FirstBit team helped us solve those issues. The FirstBit ERP assists us in our daily work and saves our time, resources and reduces our workload.
Sabeer Ahamed

Operations Manager at BCI Group of Investment Companies

Customer Information

BCI Group of Investment Companies was launched in 2002 with just a small investment and an aim to grow profitably and reach international business while acing domestic business with forward-looking products and services. This company has diversified business under 16 different Trade licenses, serves in the service sector, trading, distribution, education and training, and it is truly women empowered. BCI Group of Investment Companies had stepped into the international business in 2012 with an exciting launch of Hong Kong office. Now, this company is growing rapidly, and its products have reached over fifteen countries. The expansion is ever-increasing, and currently, this company employs over 300 staff with warehouse and office space in the main economic center of Dubai, UAE.

Project Goals and Tasks

  • Generating customized reports for sales and accounts.

  • Tracking and controlling inventories.

  • Getting accurate data for reports.

  • Having customized payroll and HR reports as per internal policies.

  • Working from anywhere at any time i-e, having a cloud-based ERP.

  • Everything is done on one system, like calculating costs, comparing different units' prices from other vendors, and checking price history.

  • Saving time by reducing workload.

  • Managing the cost of the inventory and other departments of the company.

  • Keeping records of the inventory.

Project Description

BCI Group of Investment Companies had many issues that FirstBit ERP solved. Here are some advantages received by this company due to FirstBit ERP:
  • Workload has been reduced.

  • Different departments are producing their own error-free and customized reports as per their policies.

  • Employees are now able to work at anytime from anywhere due to FirstBit ERP.

  • Resources have been reduced, and reports can help in better decision making.

  • Inventory is appropriately managed, tracked and is under control.

  • The employees are now calculating the price of each unit in FirstBit ERP.

  • Vendor management and history price checking are done in this system.

Why BCI Group of INVESTMENT Companies chose FirstBit?

Customization: BCI has its own internal policies and needs customized software.
Reduce time and cost: This company selected FirstBit ERP because they wanted to have a system that can manage inventory and automate the generation of reports to save time and cost.

Project Outcomes

This company has received various benefits after the implementation of the FirstBit ERP.
  • This company has now managed to reduce the workload, cost and time.

  • The resources are not overly consumed.

  • Every operation can be managed on one system.

  • The employees now can access the system from anywhere at any time.

  • Accurate and error-free reports are generated using the FirstBit ERP.

  • Inventory is well-managed, controlled and tracked.

  • The company has a better picture, better analysis, and better financial things.

  • They do not have to rely on CRM now and can provide the services to the city totally.


BCI Group of Investment Companies is satisfied with the FirstBit ERP and its team. After the implementation, they had some issues, but all the concerns were managed, and issues were solved. Therefore, they recommend this software to production companies and trading companies.

Kamal Khawaja Building Contracting LLC

FirstBit ERP is an amazing system for a contracting company due to its customization, and it exceptionally helped us in our HR module.