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FirstBit ERP helped us in getting projects and other details in a single touch. Also, it handles the jobs of three persons, which helps us reduce costs, save time and do tasks without errors.

At Holford Contracting L.L.C., we use the FirstBit ERP to manage the projects and the accounting side of the business. I did not want to hire an in-house accountant to do the job, which helped in this regard. With the FirstBit ERP, we can streamline the procedures and processes and make things right to open new doors of opportunities. The best thing about this software is that it is cloud-based, and I can review the projects and make decisions about them anywhere. I saw people using the other ERPs, and I witnessed that sometimes their data is lost, but with this cloud-based software, I don't have to be feared of data being lost. I use the FirstBit ERP to estimate the costs, invoicing and reporting the financial information, and every job done by FirstBit ERP is error-free, so it saves time. Also, FirstBit has good customer support, and they provide great customization within an affordable budget.
Nawaz Pottekkattil

Co-Founder of Holford Contracting L.L.C.

Customer Information

Holford Contracting L.L.C. is an international construction/contracting providing company with the aim to provide its clients with an opportunity to live in their dream houses. They offer a wide range of services like in-house consultancy, in-house construction, minor work, interior design, concept design, design and development, project management, and detailed design. They are upholding international standards and quality, which helps them in expanding their portfolio rapidly. The Holford Contracting L.L.C. has become the interior fit-out specialist and scored a renowned name in the construction/contracting field.

Project Goals and Tasks

  • Streamlining the business procedures to keep things straight.

  • Having cloud-based software to avoid loss of data.

  • Accessing the data and project from anywhere at any time.

  • Getting RFQs and preparing POs in an easier way.

  • Generating financial reports.

  • Managing projects and getting everything in a single touch.

  • Creating new invoices entirely and/or generating invoices from the existing ones.

  • Avoiding duplication of work while revising an invoice to save time.

  • Automating the tasks to avoid possible errors.

Project Description

Holford Contracting L.L.C. is using the FirstBit ERP to manage the projects and accounting side of the company. They are enjoying the following advantages from the FirstBIt ERP:
  • Holford Contracting L.L.C. manages the project efficiently, and they can access the project from any part of the world.

  • With the FirstBit ERP, Holford Contracting L.L.C. has error-free data, and their data is saved from being lost.

  • The things in the business are straight as the FirstBit ERP helps Holford Contracting L.L.C. streamlines the business procedures.

  • Holford Contracting L.L.C. is saving time and cost, and they have more opportunities to grow their business as per their choice.

  • Their workload is minimised as the paperwork and data involvement is reduced.

Why Holford Contracting L.L.C. chose FirstBit?

  • Customization: Holford Contracting L.L.C. selected FirstBit ERP because they wanted a customized solution to their problems as no affordable software provides better solutions to the issues in a construction/contracting company that also has the ability to be customized as per the company’s requirements.

  • Affordable: Holford Contracting L.L.C. chose FirstBit ERP because despite customizing the software to meet their exact needs, the FirstBit ERP is affordable.

  • Cloud-based Software: The FirstBit ERP is a cloud-based software that is one of the main requirements of Holford Contracting L.L.C.

Project Outcomes

The FirstBit ERP solved the problems of the company, and the company has started to have the following advantages after implementing the FirstBit ERP:
  • The FirstBit ERP has helped the company reduce costs i-e salaries, by undertaking the work of three persons.

  • The responsibilities are shared hence, new doors of opportunities are opened to the company.

  • Due to less workload, the company is focusing on business development.

  • The company looks more professional than before in front of its clients by having automated invoices and reports.

  • The company has streamlined the business processes to make things straight by using the FirstBit ERP.


Holford Contracting L.L.C. is fully satisfied by the FirstBit ERP as a software and the FirstBit as a company. They consider it a perfect software solution for companies in the contracting/construction field.

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