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Lead to quotation and invoicing to payment time dropped down from 4–5 to 1–2 days with FirstBIT ERP

“The automation allowed us to consolidate all our records in a single FirstBIT ERP system. We are now perfectly organized and have everything under control. We chose First BIT because we had a unique e-commerce environment, and the First BIT team was willing to implement the changes according to our requirements.Unlike many other vendors, they are actually willing to listen. This makes First BIT a commendable partner in any integration projects, where understanding the client is the key to success.”

Muhammad Zeeshan Hussain

CEO, Athar Business Machines FZE

Customer Information

Athar Business Machines FZE (known as is the largest online portal for office automation and electronics items in GCC, backed by the entrepreneurial experience of Online Retail Experts in USA. It is an authorized reseller of such manufacturers as Epson, HP, NVIDIA, Cisco, among many others.

Project Goals and Tasks

After studying the client’s existing challenges, the First BIT team came up with the following set of goals and objectives:

  • Improve lead and order management.

  • Eliminate manual labor and ad hoc procedures.

  • Set up a reliable order management workflow.

  • Enable a standard process for financial accounting.

Project Description

As a fast growing regional player, Athar Business Machines needed new, modern ways to run and scale its business especially for its eCommerce line of business i.e.

As a fast growing regional player, Athar Business Machines needed new, modern ways to run and scale its business. However, its existing accounting and management environment lacked comprehensive tools to manage sales, suppliers and financials in a single, streamlined workflow. Before automation, the company used to keep records manually in multiple spreadsheets. As a result:

  • Half of the leads were being lost because employees forgot to follow up on them.

  • Quotation forms had to be generated by manually entering all the data

  • Invoices to clients were generated manually from isolated files, with different price lists used for different clients.

  • Proper controls were lacking for customer payments and receivables.

To tackle the situation, First BIT implemented a modular FirstBIT ERP solution, enabling a transparent workflow and more effective cooperation between sales, accounting and management.

This enabled an organized workflow, with all quotations created and orders/invoices sent in a transparent way. Account managers became able to keep everything on track and know the status of receivables, bank transactions and cash flows. Standard reports were customized to the specific needs of the customer.

The fulfilled project allowed the client to increase the quality of accounting and accuracy of calculations, eliminated human mistakes and considerably increased the overall productivity of company personnel.

Last but not least, the new system has set up the foundation for the planned business scaling.

Project Outcomes

Empowered by FirstBIT ERP, Athar Business Machines could achieve the following results:

  • All leads, orders are now tracked and followed up upon.

  • Invoices to clients are sent faster, and mistakes in billing are eliminated.

  • The entire customer team improved their time management practices.

  • Lead to quotation and invoicing to payment time dropped down from 4–5 to 1–2 days (including bank reconciliation time).

  • Overall cooperation between sales, accounting and management became much.

Now the company is ready to achieve its goal — to become the No. 1 office supplies e-retailer in the UAE.

Amarak Trading

Implementing FirstBIT ERP significantly increased customer satisfaction and asset turnover of wholesale business Amarak Trading LLC