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FirstBit ERP software has every module required for the construction/contracting industry, making it all-in-one software.

Before switching to the FirstBit ERP software, we had to manage all activities and projects manually, which cost us time and money; despite losing money and wasting time, we faced inaccurate data and delay times in searching the data. The FirstBit ERP software saved us money and time and helped optimize and automate the data, which is accurate and easily accessible. Also, we can access the data anywhere at any time. After using the FirstBit ERP, we can say that FirstBit performed research and developed this software specifically for the contracting/construction industry. This software has everything required for a construction/contracting company, and I will recommend it to companies in the contracting/construction industry and fabrication industry. I would also say that it helped us perform better by keeping track of projects, saving time and cost, and managing the manpower allocation.
Junaid Abbas

Project Manager at Abdul Aziz Al Badwawi Building Contracting LLC

Customer Information

Abdul Aziz Al Badwawi Building Contracting is a renowned construction/contracting company based in Dubai, UAE, to add innovations to its projects. They strive to ensure that the project is tailored as per the client's needs and designs. Additionally, they never leave their clients in the lurch and update them about the project to feel a sense of inclusion. Apart from this, they ensure that the project does not exceed the estimated completion time and budget. Abdul Aziz Al Badwawi Building Contracting handles all types of construction projects.

Project Goals and Tasks

  • Automating the projects, accounts, and Human Resource department activities.

  • Having a cloud-based system to access data anywhere at any time.

  • Keeping the data error-free and accurate.

  • Accessing the data quickly and reducing the searching delay time.

  • Keeping track of the project and its activities.

  • Detecting the problems in the projects and solving them quickly.

  • Avoiding the loss of data such as invoices.

  • Saving the cost of each project by keeping track of the projects.

  • Managing the human resources allocation on each project.

  • Having a centralized system to reduce search and access time.

Project Description

Abdul Aziz Al Badwawi Building Contracting had to do all the work manually, which caused problems like increased delay time, increased cost on the projects, losing track of income, inaccurate data, and data loss. But with the FirstBit ERP, they have solved the problems mentioned earlier. They are enjoying the following benefits from the FirstBit ERP:
  • Abdul Aziz Al Badwawi Building Contracting has everything needed for a contracting/construction company at their fingertips.

  • The activities of the projects, accounting, and HR are automated and optimized.

  • Data is accurate, and no piece of information is lost.

  • FirstBit ERP helps them save time and cost, and they can keep track of the cash flow.

  • Having a cloud-based system, the authorized employees can access the data anywhere at any time.

  • The resources are managed well, including the manpower.

  • The data search time is minimized.

  • The detection of a problem in a project and solving it is far easier than before.

Why Abdul Aziz Al Badwawi Building Contracting LLC chose FirstBit?

  • Cloud-based software: Abdul Aziz Al Badwawi Building Contracting LLC chose the FirstBit ERP because it is cloud-based, and they can access accurate data even from home.

  • All-in-one software for the construction/contracting industry: One main reason is that the FirstBit ERP has all the modules required for a contracting company.

Project Outcomes

The company faced issues like data loss, inaccurate data, no track of cash flow, increased cost of the project, problems in searching the data, and waste of time and resources, but with the FirstBit ERP, the company managed to receive the following benefits:
  • The time of project completion is reduced.

  • Accessing data from anywhere is possible.

  • The cost of the projects is reduced.

  • All the activities of the HR department and accounting department are well-managed.

  • Detecting project problems and solving them is easier than before.

  • The company now can keep track of cash in and cash out.

  • The data is error-free and saved from being lost.


The Abdul Aziz Al Badwawi Building Contracting is more than satisfied with the FirstBit ERP as the software suits their needs. They can manage the projects, resources, and departments efficiently.

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FirstBit came with an impressive solution for all our accounting, project and administration needs.