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FirstBit came with an impressive solution for all our accounting, project and administration needs.

In pursuit of a software package that suffice our requirements, our team evaluated many alternatives. FirstBit came with an impressive solution for all our accounting, project and administration needs. The most intuitive relative to the wide number of functionality available by making the process swiftly quicker, results in closely monitoring the profitability of the operation and to make vital decisions on time. I appreciate their professional and proactive approach in solving our queries. Due to this centralized system, all departments are now synchronized, as all of them work in accordance with each other which saves valuable time. This way, I can spend ample time on my business opportunities and developments. We are much delighted with the FirstBit ERP Solutions.

Shiyad Rasheed

Director at MATRIX

Customer Information

MATRIX Bldg Waterproofing Fixing LLC is one of the leading companies in the UAE specializing in thermal insulation of roofs and walls. The company provides highly reflective roof coating and 100% seamless waterproofing to its customers. Their products guarantee all-weather protection and prodigious energy saving. A wide variety of customers have entrusted their roofing solutions with Matrix. They provide their services to residential complexes, warehouses, factories and livestock farms. The company ensures a 40% reduction in energy bills due to its unique nanotechnology-based ceramic product. It is formulated to reduce the thermal shocks and failures caused due to solar radiation. Matrix has over 120 clients and has undertaken 150 projects. It has also worked with prestigious clients like Dubai Customs, Expo Centre Sharjah, Sharaf Group, etc.

Project Goals and Tasks

  • Getting timely and errorless reports of all the departments.

  • Saving the time of all the processes in the company.

  • Synchronizing all sectors like accounting, HR, inventory by centralizing the information.

  • Reducing human errors and thereby boosting efficiency.

  • Timely verification of the project's status and pace.

  • Keeping records of all the items in the inventory.

  • Integrating calculations of all the expenses into the software to avoid errors.

  • Keeping track of expenses to reduce wastage.

Project Description

FirstBit ERP introduced the company a centralized system that takes care of the hurdles without committing errors. All the departments work towards one goal and schedule. The company can now keep track of the money with the following advantages:

  • It can ensure that things are running in place without any difficulties.

  • The calculation of bills has now become much easier.

  • The management is now relieved as the factor of human errors has been resolved.

  • Generating quotations has now been eased to a great extent with the software.

  • Time consumption has now been significantly reduced in all sectors.

Overall, the system has dramatically helped save time, eliminate errors, make it easy for the management to handle things, etc. Now the company can strive to increase its business opportunities, openings and developments.

Why MATRIX Bldg Waterproofing Fixing LLC chose FirstBit?

  • Provision of easy customized solutions:The main reason why MATRIX chose FirstBit is that they offered the company tailored solution to their needs. There were certain areas that required sophisticated solutions and FirstBit gave them a customized solution.

  • Dedication: The needs that MATRIX wanted to be resolved required personalized solutions and FirstBit worked hard to satisfy them without second thoughts.

  • Support:The FirstBit team also supported the company in a lot of ways. FirstBit ERP software catered to all their needs and has greatly helped to achieve their goals.

Project Outcomes

Since the installation of this software, MATRIX has significantly benefited. A considerable amount of time is saved on a daily basis.
  • The company’s schedules, progress, and tasks are carried out on time.

  • The managers can monitor all activities from where they are. Reports are foolproof, thereby helping them make necessary changes to cater to their clients' best services and products.

  • Everyone can access the required information at any time to work accordingly.

  • Payments and salaries are now adequately handled due to the calculations performed by the system.


MATRIX is content with everything that FirstBit has offered to them. A lot of pressure is off their shoulders as it has reduced a huge deal of petty manual work that would take up a lot of time. FirstBit worked in the best way to cater to the company’s needs.

IMBA Building Materials Trading LLC

The management of IMBA can understand the market a lot better now due to regular and error-free reports.