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How Jazal Arabia Engineering and Contracting Managed to Handle a Project with Four People

Published 20 Sep 2022
Jazal Arabia Engineering and Contracting LLC is the KSA branch of Jazal Engineering venture based in the UAE. Their purpose is to give the best service facilities applying the most effective technologies that emerged recently in the respective fields. The company carries out multiple projects and maintenance contracts through its wide experience in general contracting, electromechanical works, street light installations & maintenance, general civil works, fit-out and interior works.
Dubai, Sharijah, Abu Dhabi, UAE
General contracting
1K-5K employees
Interior & Fit out
Riyadh, KSA

Project Goals and Tasks

Controlling the cost and keeping track of expenditures and budgets. Utilizing all the resources efficiently.
Handling the project to keep track of the project to know the ongoing processes in a particular project.
Customizing the FirstBit ERP to meet the requirements of Jazal Engineering and Contracting L.L.C. as a construction company or a contracting company.
Managing projects efficiently and providing help and support to the employees who handle the project.
Connecting employees and sharing resources.
Managing the history of the projects.

Project Description

FirstBit ERP solved all the problems of Jazal Arabia E&C, They were facing issues like cost control and project management. FirstBit assisted them and provided a customized system according to their needs as a construction company or a contracting company. Following benefits were harvested by the Jazal from this project.
The FirstBit ERP ensures that the cost and expenditures are controlled.
Monitoring project progress, with track of expenses and sales.
The customized reports are generated as per clients’ demands.
Project management is far easier with FirstBit ERP.
FirstBit ERP makes resource utilization better.
FirstBit provided us with a perfect solution to solve our problems of controlling cost and project planning at our KSA branch. According to our contracting services, a customized ERP software was needed, which is a bit different from other clients of FirstBit. So, we evaluated many options for this purpose but found that the FirstBit ERP best suits all our needs.
Ameer KB
Accounts Manager
The Jazal E&C. is able to save resources and manage budget and project. It is a win-win situation for Jazal E&C. and their clients with the FirstBit’s timely solution.

Why Jazal Arabia Engineering and Contracting L.L.C. chose FirstBit?

Customization. The options evaluated by Jazal E&C had limited options for customization, and FirstBit allowed them to customize many times.
Excellent support. The FirstBit team helped the Jazal E&C with reliable after sale support. Apart from this, FirstBit provided them with a trial to know the FirstBit ERP system.
Easy to use. The Jazal E&C selected FirstBit ERP because of the easy interface; it's very simple, very user-friendly.
Scalable. The FirstBit ERP provides affordable solution that can be used for 100 member team as well for 2000 member team without much changes.

Project Outcomes

The company has managed to get many benefits from FirstBit ERP. They were able to utilize ERP for:
The cost and expenses of the company are managed well.
The projects can easily be tracked and run smoothly.
The history of the projects can be managed efficiently.
Customized reports can be generated as per clients' needs.
Resources are utilized better.
The company is able to get more customers.
The projects are completed within the deadline, and everything is on the record.


The Jazal E&C are happy with the FirstBit ERP as all of their demands and requirements are fulfilled effectively, and they recommend FirstBit to other contractors and service companies.
With FirstBit ERP, we now can handle a project with four people, which was not possible in the past. Apart from this, I must say that I really like the interface; it's very simple, very user-friendly. In a nutshell, our partners and we are happy with FirstBit ERP.
Ameer KB
Accounts Manager
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First Bit Team
Accounts Manager at Jazal Arabia Engineering and Contracting
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