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Does your Contracting business need automation?

Does your Contracting business need automation?

BY FirstBit | Published 5 June 2019 | Updated 3 September 2023
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We are living at a time when everything changes fast but technology changes faster. Every day our company makes your business easy, and change the mind of thousands of managers of contracting companies. Projects are at the heart of any contracting business. Business automation is already around us. A lot of companies have already forgotten about paperwork. If businesses are still using manual, paper-based methods, then their process will be inefficient and have a lot of errors.

Construction ERP software in UAE can help you automate the processes of all of your departments in one system. You can see all the important and necessary data of your business in real-time, this will help your managers get results more effectively. And you can always track all business processes. Keep all your data in one secure database. Your employees will have access to their projects, which will allow them to be constantly in touch with subcontractors, consultants, and suppliers to ensure timely and profitable project completion.

All our clients have already fully appreciated the benefits that we have introduced into their contracting business in UAE:


With the help of smart dashboards that are configured for each project and task, you can evaluate the status in real-time and make informed operational decisions.


By implementing modern tools for cost control and smart procurement you will be able to choose the best suppliers and subcontractors. Set up all your business processes to maximize revenue while minimizing losses at all stages.

Site progress

You can start using firstBit mobile applications on-site to track the full project cycle in real-time. Customize and speed up your business processes. Track site activities and resources, daily/weekly/monthly progress, billing, receivables, attendance, petty cash, and other related expenses.

If you want to optimize your business process, and constantly receive information from sites/employees/projects, reach out for a free demo and consultation. FirstBit is a local ERP software developer in the UAE.

Contact us to realize the full potential of your company!

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