System and Office Software
System and Office Software

Office software from the world’s best suppliers

The three components of office computing that you have to decide on are the operating system, the software and the applications. First BIT can offer and support all the popular solutions, which include both office-based packages and the new generation of mobile apps.

Selecting and installing the appropriate operating system for your needs is a critical decision. First BIT will help and advise: and once you have made your choice, will help make sure that you enjoy a smooth operation from your individual computers and servers. We offer and support a wide range of operating systems and drivers from the major world suppliers.

Choose from the top systems – Windows, Mac OS or Linux.

First BIT has links with the big office software developers to ensure that we can reliably support the offices of our thousands of corporate clients in Russia. We offer an extensive choice from the office applications by Microsoft, Apple, Adobe, Linux, ABBYY, Borland, Novell, Corel and Kaspersky among many other world-renowned suppliers.

Our professional First BIT team provides a complete office hardware/software service that comprises sales, computer & peripherals installation/configuration, telephone network support and technical assistance.