FirstBIT Maintenance
FirstBIT Maintenance

Is your IT infrastructure well-maintained?

Small and medium-sized businesses without an in-house IT department often run the risk that their system will run sub-optimally or will fail outright. They should not trust to chance.

Larger operations increasingly outsource the maintenance of part or all of their network infrastructure, or parts of it, to a reliable and professional IT solutions provider.

At FirstBIT we offer Preventative Maintenance Plans for all of the above. We attend to your needs and you can benefit from one or more of these services:

Computer Maintenance Plan

You gain peace of mind from knowing that your IT system will not break down unexpectedly: because our experienced engineer has checked its performance and applied any necessary fixes and patches. Wouldn’t you like to know that your desktops and laptops are working at peak efficiency all the time? Reliable equipment always increases employees' efficiency. Our Plan comprises:

Network Maintenance Plan

Your business can suffer badly when a network performs poorly; or worse, it breaks down – usually at a critical moment. Operated by our expert engineers, this Plan keeps your network operating smoothly and trouble-free. Do not wait until it is too late – organise preventative maintenance. Our Plan includes the updating of your firewall as well as checks on of the following (and more):

Server Maintenance Plan

Without question, servers are the heartbeat of networks. They need and deserve to get a regular health check and to have any problems attended to. We will keep your server(s) fully updated and working continuously so as to achieve the necessary performance for your network users. Our Plan comprises our engineer’s application of service packs and updates: his assessment and recommendations of any software and hardware upgrades: and the checking of:

PC Maintenance Plan

How often does a member of staff tell you ‘my computer’s running slowly’? Too often PCs are allowed to become inefficient (and therefore so do their operators) due to neglect and lack of knowledge. Our Plan will keep your computers operating at their optimum performance at all times. Having reliable computers will improve your employees' efficiency; and avoid expensive breakdowns and consequential downtime, plus an inability to serve customers. The PC Maintenance Plan comprises:

To organise one of these Plans, contact us at +971 4 4321132 for a no-obligation site analysis. One of our helpful engineers will visit, assess your site and provide you a fixed-cost network maintenance agreement at a time interval appropriate to your requirements and budget.