Network Installation & Upgrades
Network Installation & Upgrades

Network Support and Management

Unless you are very fortunate or have a large budget, your business probably lacks a dedicated, expert internal networking function. You can take advantage of the fact that First BIT specialises in providing small, medium or large businesses with networking specialists, when and where required. Think of us as your outsourced IT Support Department.

Our highly-trained and skilful engineers can not only resolve your day-to-day issues; but will also be able to review your business systems. Where appropriate they may offer suggestions for improved methods of working, and infrastructure upgrades. We have an interlinked team comprising systems experts, engineers and project managers. This cross-functional expertise is your assurance that the advice we provide is properly thought through; and is appropriate to your business.

We take a client-by-client approach, and we invite you to book a Free Analysis for your location. At your request, we send a specialist to make an assessment and provide you with a quotation for an individual solution.

Services include:

Network Design

Aspects of our expert services may include:

Network Installation

Rest assured that your new or enhanced network will be resourced with up-to-the-minute, reliable packages operating both open and closed-source systems. Our network installation work could include:

Network Upgrade

We will analyse your current network (looking for any significant pinch points) and prepare an upgrade proposal. This may include:

Network Support Services

The First BIT network support is comprehensive. According to your needs, it can include either on-site or remote support, or both. We can help with:

Network Maintenance

Whenever your network needs maintenance, don’t take chances on your business grinding to a halt. Regular network maintenance is a sound investment. It will help to avoid the system becoming slower and less reliable, and more prone to a breakdown at the most inconvenient moment.

Get pro-active support to prevent future headaches. Our network maintenance offering includes a regular check on:

VPNs (Virtual Private Networks)

Whether you require open source or hardware-based VPNs, we have an appropriate solution.

And because business is done more and more on the move, we will accommodate your mobile/tablet users and international staff. Secure links can be established between separate offices, regions or countries.

The VPNs that we can install include:

Wireless Networks

Wireless networks can be problematic if not implemented properly with the right safeguards. We will review and propose solutions for your: