ERP Implementation with FirstBIT software solutions
Software Implementation

First BIT products are supremely adaptable:

which is a good thing, because most organisations need us to tailor the software in different ways as their business changes. In this way their business processes continue to be automated in the most appropriate fashion.

First BIT has gained 18 years of experience in how best to set up and implement our programs. We guarantee an individual approach, professionalism and high quality service.

Implementation of a particular configuration can take place either:

These are our key implementation proposals:

Installation and setting up the programs

We can help with setting up the users’ interfaces, rights, and (if needed) transferring data from Microsoft Excel or any other program to your new system.

If you want one of our experts to work on your premises, сall us and we can discuss the price out, which will be based on the time spent on your site. If the work can be done from our office, the price will be quoted after we discuss and understand your needs.


If you need any type of IT advice about the program installation or if you are interested in training on how to use the program, we will be there for you.


If you like one of our ready-to-use solutions but you want to adjust it to your specific needs, we will be happy to work with you on that.

The process of customisation consists of the following steps:

1) We discuss your needs and make sure we both understand each other
2) We design the list of requirements
3) We present the budget and time frames
4) We create the solution
5) We demonstrate the solution at your workplace

Cost depends on the specific project and will be discussed after the understanding of your needs.

In First BIT we understand your needs in business automation!