POS Software Solution and FirstBIT Retail managment Software in Dubai, Equipment and barcode in UAE
The FirstBIT RETAIL software solution consists of a package of programs that you can rely on to automate your retail stores of any size or complexity. We have more than 18 years of experience working all over the world. We provide hardware, we develop and implement retail software, and we have it all!

The Benefits of Automation in Retail:

You get automation solutions for retail, covering the whole process. What are the
benefits for you?

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  • Fast, high- quality customer service;
  • Increase of transaction flow at cashiers;
  • Decrease of wait time;
  • Decrease of hardware maintenance costs;
  • Increase in staff productivity;
  • Minimization of human errors.

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“After implementing FirstBIT Retail, Lillylight LLC became flexible, centralized and smoothly operating company. We reduced our operational costs, increased productivity and our business became in overall better shape than it was before.”

Renat Aseev, Project Manager, Lillylight LLC. The company is a Dubai-based importer of luxury furniture and accessories.

Our technology has all the capability you require for easily accessing web, viewing various inventory and stock modules, controlling cash flow and being able to create colorful, easy to read diagrams and reports. Over 20 thousand shops all around the world are successfully relying on our retail systems.

Our solutions can fit company of any scale, and we make sure you get what is best for you.

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Benefits of our POS system

Our POS-system includes:


Benefits of our back office

Our back office system offers:

Equipment and hardware:

We provide all the necessary equipment for retail:

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