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Join Construction Expert Community via First Bit Blog

Join Construction Expert Community via First Bit Blog

Published 5 Mar 2024
Get featured in a highly trusted media by a long-standing player on the construction market.

Why Become Our Guest Expert

High-quality content
No fluff
Only actionable tips, strategies and real field experience
In social media like LinkedIn, Facebook and Instagram
Monthly readers
Construction business owners, financiers, and project managers

What You Can Do with Our Platform

Reach an engaged professional audience
Showcase your expertise to the industry community
Amplify your personal and/or company brand
Redirect our traffic to your site/social media
Get a content of high quality to republish on your platforms

Topics Which Shape the Construction Industry

Our focus is the construction industry and its automation, primarily in the UAE.
Scaling Up Business
Market Trends and Challenges
Finance & Accounting
Project Management
UAE Legal Regulations
HR & Payroll
ERP & Business Automation
We develop exact topics for each expert individually taking into account your strengths and background.
You can either share your vision of the industry or give a step-by-step plan for some specific tasks related to your specialty.

High Quality Content to Join Professional Conversations

Our commitment is to provide experts with a platform to share their views and experience and enrich the industry with high-quality content. This approach allows us to create comprehensive, data-driven, engaging, and educational articles.
We include opinions, examples, and personal experience to support the ideas
We fact-check all the facts and figures and mention sources
We never leave a problem without suggesting a solution or an alternative
What we don’t publish
  • Press releases, company-specific news, sales pitches, or product promotions
  • Misleading information, fake data, or data without credits to the original sources (though you or your company may be the source)
  • Plagiarized content and content that has been already published somewhere

3 Simple Steps to Get Published

Here is how we can make a perfect collaboration out of your knowledge and our writing skills. The whole process will take just 1-2 hours from your side.
Topic discussion
We suggest several topics and you choose the one which mostly resonates with you. You can also share your own ideas.
We send over a list of questions for you to prepare. Then we schedule a 30-40 minute meeting with you to dive deeper into the topic and put together the main highlights for the future article.
All the writing is then up to our editorial team. All we need from you is just go through the final article and check that it fully reflects the ideas you shared at the interview.
Welcome to the First Bit Blog! When you're ready to collaborate, feel free to reach out to me via email at [email protected] or connect with me on LinkedIn. Let's work together to create impactful content!
Alina Dmitrova
Editor-in-Chief at First Bit
Please note that whilу we're thrilled to consider you as a guest expert for our blog, we have the final say in choosing contributors, so there's a chance we might not be able to go forward with your request.
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Editor-in-Chief at First Bit
Alina is a journalist and editor with over five years of experience in content marketing. Staying mosly behing the scenes, she sometimes reports First Bit events and comes up with expert publications.
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