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Construction ERP Software: Definition and Benefits

Construction ERP Software: Definition and Benefits

Published 5 Aug 2022

Construction ERP Software: Definition and Benefits

If you're in the construction business, you know that keeping track of multiple business functions can be difficult. You must ensure your workers are on time, have the correct tools and equipment, and that raw materials arrive at the right time, all while staying profitable. 

Managing all this manually takes not only hours of your precious time but also increases the chances of errors. Enter construction ERP to the rescue!

ERP software for construction businesses helps companies manage their projects throughout their lifecycle. It consists of modules that unify your operations under a single platform, including project cost estimation, accounting, procurement, material management, risk management, and other related tasks. 

Let’s understand ERP software in more detail.

What is Construction ERP Software?

ERP for Construction Industry - Key Benefits

Construction ERP software is a specially designed system to meet the unique needs of construction companies. It provides a complete picture of your project by collating data from multiple departments, including HR, accounting, procurement, and sales, in one place. 

The main benefit of construction ERP software is that it helps ensure your projects are running as planned and prevents disruptions. Additionally, it removes communication gaps between sites and offices by providing real-data information to everyone involved in the project. 

What Makes Good Construction ERP?

A good construction ERP software includes features that help you streamline your construction projects, ensure profitability, and comply with local laws and regulations. 

For example, if your construction company is located in Dubai, you’d need to generate VAT reports per the UAE FTA’s reporting standards. A good construction ERP should allow you to do that without much effort. 

Furthermore, the best ERP software for a construction company should allow you to handle multiple projects simultaneously. This will help managers to oversee the construction of different sites while ensuring they’re running on schedule and are profitable. 

For instance, the FirstBit ERP software for construction helps you unite every department in a single connected environment, enabling you to manage multiple projects effortlessly. You also get a project-wise timesheet with automatic labor cost calculation, so you stay atop your investments. 

The FirstBit ERP solution has an approval and collaboration module that allows you to communicate internally and get approvals for sales and procurement. It even has automatic VAT report generation functionality to ensure you comply with UAE’s tax laws. 

If you’re still unsure, let’s look at the key functionalities that make the FirstBit ERP software a perfect choice for construction companies. 

Benefits of FirstBit ERP Software

Best ERP Software for Construction

Built specifically for construction companies, the FirstBit ERP software helps you gain better visibility of your projects, analyze business revenues, leverage real-time data, and get up-to-date project progress reports. 

Here are some more benefits of the FirstBit ERP system that makes it the go-to ERP for construction companies. 

1- Efficient Planning

The FirstBit ERP helps you plan your projects from start to finish. You can create construction estimates and quotations for each project and even track changes throughout your project. Furthermore, it allows you to create contractor estimates (building, electrical, plumbing, etc.) and generate progressive invoices. 

Additionally, you can allocate budgets for labor, materials, and overhead costs, so your expenses stay in control. It also supports integration with contractor estimating software, making it easier for you to plan your budgets. 

Lastly, it has a profitability analysis feature that gives you a detailed breakdown of profitability at record/entry levels. 

2- Improved Project Management

Construction projects are highly dynamic and require efficient management at each stage. For instance, labor shortage, weather conditions, or scope increase can affect delivery timelines. 

However, with FirstBit ERP, you can better manage your projects and minimize the chances of delays. Here’s how:

  • Real-time reporting: You can get updates on your project in one click. 

  • Customizable reports: Monitor the metrics that matter the most via customizable reports.

  • Access data anywhere: Whether you’re in the office or a different part of the world, with the FirstBit ERP cloud, you can monitor your projects from any device. 

  • Real-time project cash-flow monitoring: Stay atop your project’s cash flow and plan your schedules accordingly to prevent disruptions in construction. 

  • Project estimates vs. actuals analysis: Get an in-depth comparison of your estimates vs. actuals to determine if you’re within your budget.

3- Better Team Communication

The FirstBit ERP software for construction comes with an in-built messenger for inter-company communication. This allows you to resolve employees’ queries, eliminate bottlenecks, and get the project’s progress within minutes. 

Even your employees from different departments can quickly connect and resolve issues (if any).

And whether you have last-minute changes in the schedule? Need more labor or materials? You can get instant approvals from your senior management via FirstBit ERP as it sends custom alerts so concerned persons can quickly react to your request. 

4- Digitized Documentation

The FirstBit ERP allows you to digitize all of your documents - from the start to the completion of projects. This eliminates lengthy paperwork and helps you access critical business documents any time, anywhere. 

For instance, you get daily time card records for each employee to help you understand your labor costs. Since it is stored digitally, you can analyze the records even if you’re not in the office. You can even analyze project-wise timesheets to compare the labor costs. 

Also, storing documents digitally helps save the environment (as fewer papers are used), assists with better data management, and facilitates better office space management.

Another advantage of digitization via the FirstBit ERP is that it enhances security by restricting who can access the documents. This allows only the people you authorize to retrieve critical business records, preventing unwanted access or data theft.  

Wrapping Up: Getting Started with FirstBit ERP System

Best ERP Software For A Construction Company

ERP software for construction companies has become more critical than ever. It helps you manage your entire construction projects from one place. You can create cost estimates, manage inventory, track materials, and create invoices.

And with the FirstBit ERP for the construction industry, you can do even more. Here’s a quick video highlighting what you can accomplish with the FirstBit ERP system. 

Need more information? Let’s connect for a quick discussion!

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