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Key Differences Between ERP Systems and Accounting Software
ERP & Business Automation 30 January 2023
Learn the differences between ERP system and accounting software. Accounting software is designed for accounting processes, whereas ERP software includes functionality across a variety of departments....
Amount of time to read: 8 minutes., 23 seconds.

What Is an ERP Inventory Management System: Essential Guide
ERP & Business Automation 28 November 2022
What an enterprise resource planning Inventory System is? Learn everything you need to know about  ERP inventory management: the benefits, how it to integrate it....
Amount of time to read: 7 minutes., 39 seconds.

First Bit has completed a successful ERP implementation and training session for Brook & Ripples LLC.
Events & News 25 November 2022
The company turned to First Bit to automate its business processes and set up an easy and comprehensive system to streamline interaction between departments.
Amount of time to read: 40 seconds.

FirstBit has completed a successful ERP implementation for Xterior.
Events & News 14 November 2022
Xterior is an international award-winning contracting company, specializing in swimming pools and landscaping projects across the UAE.

The company approached FirstBit in search of an ERP solution to automate business processes and unite ...
Amount of time to read: 46 seconds.

 Reasons to Move to Cloud-Based ERP Systems
ERP & Business Automation 28 October 2022
This guide details the significant advantages to cloud ERP systems and helps you decide if it's right for your company. We’d like to make this decision easier by listing some of the ways cloud-based ERP can help your business thrive....
Amount of time to read: 14 minutes., 3 seconds.

On-Premise ERP Benefits for Your Business
ERP & Business Automation 25 October 2022
There are positives and negatives to any ERP system out there. This article will focus on some of the main benefits of On-Premise ERP solutions. Find out what they are and how your business can benefit from integrating it....
Amount of time to read: 3 minutes., 4 seconds.

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