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How to Successfully Implement a New ERP: Easy Steps
ERP & Business Automation 19 September 2022
Ready to deploy a new enterprise resource planning system (ERP) in your growing business? Here's your quick and easy guide to implementing an ERP....
Amount of time to read: 5 minutes., 54 seconds.

How to Connect Construction Operations with an ERP System
Contracting ERP 6 September 2022
Find out how integrated project management software is bridging the critical gap between operations and accounting, and connecting construction. Let your business benefit with ERP systems....
Amount of time to read: 5 minutes., 30 seconds.

Phases of an ERP Implementation Plan
ERP & Business Automation 2 September 2022
A successful ERP implementation requires much more than just installing software. Read about these 7 essential phases to install your new ERP system. Learn more about them to maximize your chances of success....
Amount of time to read: 5 minutes., 40 seconds.

ERP and the Potential to Power Construction Productivity
Contracting ERP 29 August 2022
Some industry-leading lights about the impact of enterprise resource planning (ERP) in construction. Choose the best ERP system for your construction company and optimize your management software....
Amount of time to read: 6 minutes., 15 seconds.

Implementation of ERP Systems in the Construction Industry
Contracting ERP 25 August 2022
ERP systems are now widely used across most industries and deliver outstanding efficiencies in process and synchronization. ERP software for the construction industry elevates the level of project efficiency by integrating all the project modules in ...
Amount of time to read: 6 minutes., 3 seconds.

First Bit Middle East has successfully completed the Training today for GCC SERVICES
Events & News 1 August 2022
We had a great experience with a group of very talented people who are eager to improve the way they plan by implementing our FirstBit Contracting ERP System. ...
Amount of time to read: 30 seconds.

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