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The UAE Bans Midday Works Since 15 June
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The UAE Bans Midday Works Since 15 June

Published 6 Jun 2024
The United Arab Emirates has declared the initiation of the midday work hiatus for outdoor laborers, set to begin on June 15.
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As per the directive from the Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation (MoHRE), it is mandatory for outdoor laborers to observe a break from 12 pm to 3 pm daily, spanning from June 15 to September 15, during the peak summer period.

Entering its 20th year, the annual imposition of the summer midday work prohibition is designed to shield workers from occupational risks and injuries stemming from the severe summer temperatures. In this interval, the employer must arrange for a shaded or indoor area for laborers to take respite, thereby safeguarding their health and well-being during the most intense heat of the day.

Exceptions For Public Welfare Impact

Mohsin Ali Al Nassi, the Assistant Undersecretary for Inspection Affairs, highlighted that the “mid-day break” is now a well-incorporated practice within the UAE’s business ethos. Its crucial contribution towards the preservation of worker health and safety underscores its significance as an integral element of corporate accountability.

While the directive aims to maintain the uninterrupted provision of essential services, exemptions to the midday break are granted for tasks that are imperative for technical reasons or in order to manage emergencies that impact public welfare, such as infrastructure upkeep or utility repairs.

Employers are obligated to furnish shaded areas and cooling mechanisms for laborers during the restricted hours, in addition to adequate hydration and first aid amenities.

The Ministry undertakes enforcement through inspection tours and facilitates the reporting of infractions via its call center, website, and smart application. Non-compliant companies are subject to penalties of up to AED 5,000 per laborer, with a ceiling of AED 50,000 for multiple infractions.

To promote compliance and raise awareness regarding the midday break regulations, the MoHRE, together with its partners, orchestrates awareness campaigns and conducts site visits aimed at educating both laborers and employers about the significance of adherence during the designated months.
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