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How Abu Khalifa General Contracting Mastered VAT with FirstBit Accounting

Published 20 Sep 2022
Abu Khalifa General Contracting LLC is a civil contracting services firm specializing in commercial and residential construction projects. Since 1999, it has accomplished various kinds of projects but now focuses on personal villas and houses.
Abu Dhabi, UAE
General contracting

Project Description

VAT accounting became more manageable because process was automated and streamlined.
VAT accounting system is now compliant with the tax law.
Easier and faster salary calculation with the help of HR & Payroll modules in the accounting software.
Convenient tracking of project profitability.
Due to the nature of transactions, accounting in the construction industry is known for being complicated. With First BIT Accounting’s project wise system functionality, we are able to keep track of each project’s profitability and extract our desired output. Their HR & Payroll allows easier and faster processing of salary calculation. Apart from this, First BIT’s systematic VAT return automation allowed us to submit our VAT returns on time with full confidence that we are compliant with the VAT laws. The simplicity of First BIT’s accounting software partnered with their superb customer service make our partnership with them one of our favorites and most pleasing experience so far. Truly, it is a partnership we plan to keep in the upcoming years.
Haneen Jaber
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First Bit Team
Accountant at Abu Khalifa General Contracting LLC
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